Monday, April 27, 2009

$10 off $10 at JcPenney

My favorite type of coupons!! A great way to get freebies or "very" discounted items.

In honor of all of us Great Moms out there, JcPenney has an online coupon code for $10 off $10 momsgr8. I took advantage of it today and bought some bath towels I need for our freshly painted bathroom upstairs!

I figured it was time for a redesign, considering the walls were splattered from the kids ( why anyone would ever put flat paint in a bath is beyond me ). So, we repainted them in bathroom paint, so I can actually wash them down.

And, while repainting, I decided it was time for a new shower curtain, towels, etc. Let's put it this way, the bathroom decor was still the same decor I had when I lived with Carrie from Carrie's Cooking. I bought it before I even MET my husband.

So, right now the bathroom has no decor in it, but I am planning to use coupons such as these to buy some new decor for this bathroom! And, so I got a set of brown towels today to hang on the towel bar for guests ( those kids of mine better not rub their toothpastey mouths in them. ) :-)

So, do you want to pick something extra up from JcPenney online, too? Remember, these coupons are often great ways to find good deals and mark someone off your sale shopping list for the year.
Here are the details:
  • Ebates is paying the highest on JcPenney right now, at 4%! Please note: Ebates does not guarantee credit if you use a coupon code. BUT, I still advise trying, as the worst that can happen? You get no rebate. And, you wouldn't have anyway! If you are new to Ebates, you also get a $5 sign on bonus when you make your first qualifying purchase. So, this would cover the shipping costs! Click here to sign up or log in. Once logged in, go to JcPenney and it will take you directly to their site as usual to shop
  • Shop around for anything you want. I tried to find items close to $10 so I was getting something almost free. I also tried to find items on sale, so I was getting an even better deal.

  • Do NOT buy Clearanced items, Outlet or Buy More items. They do not work with the coupon code.

  • Check out and use code momsgr8

  • If you have a nearby store, have shipped to store to save slightly. Mine came to approx. $4 to have shipped to store vs. $5.95 shipped to house.

Besides, simply using this coupon code, be on the look out for a new catalog in the mail. I have not received it, but I have heard from others that they received a catalog with a $10 off $10 coupon good in store. And, it was good on clearance items, as well.

Want to get on JcPenney's mailing list to hopefully get future mailings from them? Click here.

Remember, always set up a separate email address for your newsletter and loyalty programs so that they do not interfere with your personal email. Plus, it is easy to log in and check all your deals daily in one spot.

Finally, don't forget to join the JcPenney Rewards program. If you happen to spend more than $125-$250 in a month ( depending on the promotion you are under for the month ), you get a $10 coupon.

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Charlene said...

Carrie, How does the $5 off for Ebates work? Will I get a rebate check in the mail after my 1st purchase or can I use it immediatly on the first transaction?

Carrie said...

I remember that shower curtain! If I remember right you got it from the outlet mall? Our family still uses the kitchen table that I bought for when we lived together! Oh, and the microwave too! Now that I think about it I still have many things from those days. That has been a long time. :)


Carrie @ said...


Ebates is a rebate program of sorts. You log into your account, and find the store you want..and click thru.

They then give you a percentage back into your account.

The $5 will be put into your Ebates account. They only send checks out four times a year ( once a quarter ) and your rebates will accumulate in your account.

You will only get a check if your rebate is over $5 ( the $5 bonus does not count ) and will just roll over until the next check or until you reach the $5 threshold. I ony get my checks about twice a year, as I don't usually meet the $5 threshold every quarter.

But, it is nice when the check does come in the mail. :-)

I always advise using online rebate shopping sites when buying online.

I use a combination of Ebates, Mr. Rebates, Big Crumbs, Bond Rewards, Upromise and Cashbaq.

Carrie @ said...


Yep...Jeffersonville Outlet Malls. I was so excited to decorate my first bathroom ( somehow the college stuff I had was not worth talking was all odds and ends )

It has lasted us a long time. In fact, the shower curtain, pictures, etc still looked nice...but the kids have destroyed the towels. They look terrible!

Hey, and we even still use the cheap silverware I bought for our apartment. We do have our decent set from our wedding, but I have the old stuff mixed in.

Growing Small said...

Hi Carrie -

Thanks for the code - I just placed my order (I got the christmas glasses and a pair of slippers - I think these will make great christmas gifts -haha) well my order came up to 9.46 - Well you aren't going to believe what came up right after I finished my order - (think Brylane Home here) -Yep - a $10.00 rebate voucher check for trying JCPenney's Fun Family Rewards for 30 days - Which means that if my voucher comes before the 30 days I got these 2 items FREE plus made $0.54! - Hot Dog! - I wanted to let you guys know to be on the look out for this promo - Enjoy

Traci said...

Thanks Carrie,
I got a pair of really nice jeans for my daughter for $1.99 + shipping. That is a great deal for me!! Now if only my mail man would bring me some of those $10 off $10 instore coupons!! Those only show up once in a blue moon.

TopazTook said...

I just ordered two sale bras (I needed some) for a total of $16.49, with shipping! That's less than the price of one, normally. And I got the $10 rebate voucher offer, too!!

From listening to you, Carrie -- I downloaded your show on Money4Moms and listened to it today -- I knew to save the offer page (I did a screen capture and saved it as an image file): if anyone else gets this, it says "if you are eligible, rebate voucher will be included in membership materials and can be used after cancellation. Save the receipt for today's purchase to mail in with voucher."

So, I may have gotten two bras for $6. :) And we'll see what the Fun Family Rewards program has for my family.

Brandie said...

Thanks Carrie - I also used it and bought my husband a Dodgers t-shirt for Father's Day.

Normally on things like this I try to buy something that is just barely over the $10 so I spend the least, but get the maximum value, but in this case, I know he'll love the shirt and since we don't live in Dodger territory anymore, getting him one of these shirts would require me spending more than the total of $13 (which included shipping to the store).

I also signed up for the Fun Family Rewards deal, so we'll see how that works out.

Amy said...

I was just about to say what @GrowingSmall said... I, too, received the $10 offer.

Totally worth it... I got a t-shirt and pj pants for $9.15 shipping and all, a total value of $56.00 ($65 value if you include shipping).

Thanks for the promo!