Monday, March 16, 2009

Trial Offers - $5 in Postage and $1 Pan

As you all have noticed, I did a blog redesign a little over a week ago. Along with that, I am trying to slowly keep updating my site to include more of my methods in the left menu bar with their very own webpages.

So, tonight, I created the Trial Offers webpage where I have general instructions on how to make money and get free products thanks to the many offers out there. I will also include all trial offers in the sidebars for everyone to go reference. Click here to go visit.

Why do I like Trial Offers so much? For very little time, you get many free and or cheap products, money or both! And, often times, you will find programs or companies that may actually benefit your family.

So, to kick off my new webpage, I wanted to bring a few of my favorites right now, that I would recommend.
  • $5 in Postage for a Risk Free Trial to, please email me for a referral ( as you know if a long time reader, I have gotten over $15 in free postage by signing up and trying to cancel each month. Just today I got a "come back" mailing with more free postage )
  • Free ( $1 Shipping ) Easy Bakeware Pan - Trial gets you the $1 shipping! Click here to read my original post on this and all the fun comments from others.
  • 3 Boxes of Coffee for $3 Plus Free Travel Mug - If you do Online Offers, this one might want to be saved.

My hope is to bring you new and exciting trial offers more often, so stay tuned!

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Misty said...

Hi Carrie,

Can you send me a referral for the postage? mistylnewsome at yahoo dot com

Josh and Amanda said...

I bought the bakeware, and I had a message that I was eligible for 2 freebies today. I was able to sign up for both Savings Ace and Home Savings Mall, and I got the free pans with $1 shipping with each order!

busy mom said...

If you signup and got the free bake ware last mo. does it still work for this mo. too?
Last mo. I got one for a gift , but if I could I could use one for myself.

Nicole said...

I canceled Home Savings Mall and it was automated. Not difficult at all - no pushy people. I want to try for a march freebie now. Have my eye on the blue square pan to match my blue fluted pan!

Sarah said...

I have to say, has saved me a lot of money in packaging and shipping costs. I make crafts and sell them online, and before I started using their meter, I spent WAY too much time at the post office. I really like printing postage from me more time to do marketing. Or be lazy. Whichever.