Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Survey Head - Exciting Survey Site

A few years back when I first got into taking surveys for money, I worked with a company called GoZing. I thoroughly enjoyed working for this company, as they paid timely, thru Paypal and the surveys were interesting. THEN....they got bought out by another company!

So, I was very pleased when I found out that the original founders of GoZing started a new company called Survey Head. It is set up very similarly to how GoZing used to be, so I am thrilled to see an old favorite back!!

What are some of the details?
  • $5 Sign on Bonus! Free money!
  • Cashout at $25
  • Cash paid thru Paypal
  • Survey requests loaded with an estimate on whether you will qualify. I like this part, because so many times we take prescreeners and then don't qualify. Now, they give you a guide to how likely it will be whether you qualify. That way you can decide whether to invest your time on that survey screener.
  • Time investment listed. This is another nice benefit, so you know whether you have the time to start the survey now, or should do it later.

Want to join Survey Head? Click here.

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In addition, you will find a list of all the survey companies I recommend. Here is the list:

This is really a wonderful way to make extra money from home. Enjoy!

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Frugal Felicia said...

If you don't mind me asking, how much do you average from the survey sites alone?

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

I don't mind you asking at all.

This year...not much..so far everything is just accumulating and I haven't cashed anything out yet. Since blogging, most of my time is spent running this blog instead.

But, if you go to my left side bar and scroll down, there is a 2008 Savings & Earnings drop down. You can click there to see how much I made last year on any category I talk about.

But, I was also blogging last year, too, so my numbers went way down.

It all depends how much you qualify for. I don't qualify for a lot, because my husband works for Johnson&Johnson. So, he is considered a competitor to many surveys requesting feedback ( baby products, bath and body, pharmaceuticals, etc, etc ).

Most people will qualify for much more than I.

veronica said...

Hi I have applied to several survey sites you have listed. I just started maybe a week or two. But I feel like I never get offered any surveys. I also have a question... Some of the sites I notice only give yo entires into sweepstakes..are they worth my time? I sometimes have difficulty finding my way back to get a resonse..lol.. so if you don't mind maybe you can just email me
jydenjunior@yahoo.com TIA

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

Hi Veronica,

I don't usually do the sweepstakes ones. I just dont' have the time to waste if it isn't guaranteed money. But, that is up to you whether you want to do those.

I have good luck with My Survey and Global Test Market on qualifying quite often and getting paid. And, if not, I like that you get some money for prescreeners.

I also tend to get points quite often from e-rewards that can then be cashed in for money sent to your Upromise account.

I used to do pretty well with GoZing, so I am hoping to do well with this new company. Granted, I don't have as much time to do these surveys as I once did.

Which ones were you doing that you never qualify for anything?

Laura said...

Hi - I'm so glad I read through the comments because now I have another question in addition to my first!

How do you get money sent to your Upromise account with e-Rewards? I've been doing that site for a couple years and have good results, but the rewards pickings I get are almost all airline miles, then just a couple other choices like Blockbuster, or ridiculously useless % off shopping purchases (eBags, Sony, etc.) I've never seen U-promise, is there some trick I'm missing?

My original question I was going to ask was about OTX surveys. I've joined enough survey sites now that I keep getting these, never qualify, and even run into the same ones coming up via different survey sites. A quick google search finds many people think these are scams. Do you have any insight into OTX, and what about taking the same survey twice (not that I ever qualify anyway)?


Veronica said...

I would also like to know If you have ever recieved any of the gifts or won sweepstakes on the ones that entry you if you don't qualify for the survery. Surveyspot is one I never qualify for so I just get entries into their sweeps but I have only been offered 1 that would pay but it was for a 60t year old man..
Anyways I am signed for many of these sights but the mystery shopping seems to be working for me.

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


You signed up for E-Rewards thru one of those other providers.

You actually need to sign up for them thru Upromises site to have the rewards go to Upromise.

You may just have to set up a whole new account up thru Upromise and use this new one.

With Global Test Market, I have qualified OTX surveys over the years. And, I always get my 25 cents for doing the screener questions for them, too. Almost all of theirs have gone thru OTX in the past.

I am more partial to that site, My Survey, E-Rewards and the sites that pay me for the screeners. I feel like since they are paying everything a little something for just the screeners, they are trying to really find a good match.

Many of these sites will have the same survey. If a large corporation needs feedback, they will utilize many different companies to get the amount of responses they need.

The only thing annoying about OTX is that it is often duplicating questions I already answered...age...salary..etc, etc. It is mindless. I always do it front of the TV.

In regards to doing it twice, if you run into the same survey from different survey companies, I would not do it twice...even if you qualified. The company is trying to get helpful information and need a set amount of responses. Having people reply multiple times probably doesn't help them much. :-) But, just my thoughts.

I guess if they don't think about it and send it to many sites...then maybe they do realize it.

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


I never even pay attention if I am entered into a sweepstakes. But, you are right..I probably am. And, I have never won. I don't think my brain even registers it,because I am just not a sweepstakes girl. The odds are not going to be with you, because think how many people are being entered. Not good chances you will win.

I only like the paid ones.