Monday, March 23, 2009

New Affiliate Program - Panthera Network

For all my blogging friends, I wanted to share a great new Affiliate program I have been using. It is Panthera Network. Click here to register.

I received my first check for $135 over the weekend, and this was within the first month of using them. So, I was very pleased!

I haven't even begun to utilize all the wonderful offers they have, and I have noticed that they change offers out during the month. So, there are always new ones coming and going.

In addition, with my check was a letter inviting me to participate in their bonus incentive programs for the month. It appears they offer different companies each month that you can get an additional bonus on if you promote. You get a code and simply request to be added to the program during the appropriate month. Great way to make a little extra!

Plus, they state they give $150 sign on bonus. Not sure the details behind this, as I didn't get it. Bummer! I didn't sign up under anyone, so I assume that is why I didn't see this extra money. But, you better believe I will be checking into it. :-) You may want to follow up with your account manager, as well, once you register.

Not currently a blogger? If you think you may be interested in earning extra money in this manner, click here or go to my Affiliate button in the left menu bar at anytime to see how I make money in this manner.

Don't want to blog, but want to make some extra money? is open to everyone. You simply set up your account and you get paid to read current advertisements. They pay you every Friday via Paypal. It is very simple and easy! Click here to read more and sign up.

Hope you find this new company as worthwhile as I did!

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jeanine p said...

I just signed up with Panthera under your id - this is what I read about the Signup bonus :

make sure you get credit for me -

Sign Up Bonus
For 2009, each new publisher will get a $150 sign up bonus if they generate $1,500 in commissions. The $1,500 in commissions must be generated within sixty-days of the signup date. For the Super Affiliates, we offer a 60-day challenge. If you generate $25,000 in commissions, you will receive a $1,000 bonus check!

Abigail's_Mommy said...

I singed up also.

Carrie @ said...

Thanks Jeanine.

Hmm...if I earn that much, I would be pretty darn excited and not even need the bonus. :-)

Anonymous said...

Another couple of great affiliates are and

I have been recieved great checks from them as well.

Suz said...

Thanks for the info... may try & sign up with them although it says no free hosted sites.

Carrie @ said...


You will need your own url.

If you are blogging and plan to try and make money, you should have your own url.

You can get them fairly cheaply ( I believe you can get some for $5, even ).

Commission Junction and many others also require your own it is well worth the investment to pay for your own site address.

I'll try and find some good and cheap companies and do a post on it soon.

Dan said...

Hey Carrie,

With the I know everyone is different depending on your categories but how much do you think on average you can make with them? Thanks for your help and thanks for all you do.


Carrie @ said...


It won't add up too much.

I think the first week, I got a bit over $5.

Then, the ads start dwindling until they reload new ads.

They claim they are growing, which I think they are...I am seeing them around the web they should be getting more advertisements, which means more revenue for us.

Diana said...

I just started my blog and I'm wondering do you use AdSense? Can you give me more detail about getting your own url? Thanks

trumpetman101 said...

If you're interested in sign up bonuses, just let me know.