Friday, March 27, 2009

Free HP Mouse and Free McAfee Internet Security Software!

Smart Buy USB 2-Button Laser Mouse

Do you love rebates yet?

This week, the HP USB 2-Button Laser Mouse is free after rebate. This is a $20 value!

In addition, you can get up to 5 of these per household. So, if you want to donate these to schools, give them as gifts, etc, it is a great way to get some freebies.

Click here to access the item through On Sale.

Make sure to copy the rebate form and save it online, in case you need it for future reference.

Shipping comes to $4.99 if you buy one or 5, so it becomes a better deal as you buy more. That brings it down to $1 a mouse.

There have also been reports that they give you the full $100 back via rebate, which would then cover the shipping, too, as my order only came to $94.94 ( they are on sale at checkout ). If that happens to be the case, then they become money makers. No guarantees, though, as the terms only state they will give you the values of the mouse. I guess we will have to wait and see.

In addition, you can get another $10 off if you pay via Bill Me Later. This is a legit program, just please be aware that it will show up on your credit score, as they are basically issueing you credit for your purchase.

Finally, did you know is again offering a McAfee free after rebate deal? This time is it their McAfee Internet Security 2009 3-User . Click here to access. Plus, it has free Super Saver shipping!

Enjoy your free products. And, remember to mark your calendar and keep copies of EVERYTHING. I have had to resubmit paperwork for rebates before, so it is always better to be prepared.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Since I run a business I am always looking for great deals on business supplies and it just happens that my mouse is acting all whacky lately. I will definatley be doing this one! I love the idea about donating this too... keep 'em coming!


Sariah said...

The link's not working. Is the deal expired?

Carrie @ said...


I just checked all the links...they are still working.

Which one is not working for you?

Let me know and I can try and figure it out for you.

isabella said...

Do you know how you get the rebate? As a visa gift card or a credit that can only be used at Amazon?

Carrie @ said...


Your rebates should come in the forms of checks, which you then just cash.

Becky said...

Is the rebate automatically sent for you or do I need to send in the paperwork?
On my invoice it mentions the rebate.

Carrie @ said...


You need to send the rebate form in.

If you click on the link in my post, once you get to their site where you ordered...there is a link below the product to go to the rebate section.

Once there, click on the link ( it may be the Adobe link ) to go to the form.

Julie said...

Wow, thanks! This will come in so handy. Thanks for the info!

Shop Without Money Sisters said...

I'm trying to do this deal today and it says right on my screen "You save after rebate $20." Shouldn't it say I save $100 or does everyone's say that and when I send in the rebate, I'll get more back?

Dori said...

I'm just wondering if anyone has received their rebate check on this deal yet? I sent mine 7 weeks ago and haven't received anything. Since it was sent to Puerto Rico I'm getting a little nervous so just thought I'd check and see if others have gotten them. Thanks!

Carrie @ said...


Which rebate are you talking about? The HP or the McAfee?