Saturday, March 28, 2009

100 Free Business Cards plus Profit!

As you noticed, I introduced a new affiliate program this week for all of us bloggers. And, you have all heard me talk about this as a great way to make extra income for your family. Click here to read more about earning money blogging or go to my Affiliates button in the left menu bar at anytime.

Besides the fact, it is a lot of fun to share with everyone something you are excited and passionate about.

But, I have failed to mention some great and important ways to share your website with others around your community!!

And, that is via business cards.

These little rectangular pieces of paper are an easy and cheap way for you to advertise your work and potentially get new readers. And, every new reader may tell someone else...and so on and so forth.

Where all can you hand these out?

  • When you leave your tip at the restaurant, leave your card!
  • Paying a bill the old fashioned way..via mail...stick a card in!
  • Someone comments at the grocery how much money you are saving? ( this happens quite often ) Hand them a card.
  • Going to a prepared...everyone is trading cards. ( I forgot mine at home when I went to Blissdom..couldn't believe it!! )
  • Give some to your family to pass out. My parents are always spreading the word on my website. I was at a wedding recently and someone came up and wanted to know if I had a card on me because my family had been talking about my blog.
  • Some local establishments will allow you to leave them. Some libraries, grocery stores, etc have boards or places to leave cards so the public can see them.

There are many ways to utilize business cards, and if you blog, I highly recommend you get some.

That is why I ordered some this week for Free from Overnight Prints. I needed new ones to match my new design anyway. Here is what mine look like,front and back. They are glossy and the corners rounded. The dimensions are not quite so long and stretched out, but you get the idea, and it is a bit clearer, of course.

Not a blogger? Own another business? Here are some free cards for you, too.

I have even heard lately of families having their own business cards just for their families. They have a family picture, then their phone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, twitter, facebook, etc. They would be handy to have. Especially last night when my husband ran into an old high school friend at a play!

So, here are the details:
  • Click here to go to Overnight Prints for the Free 100 Cards.
  • Go thru the process of ordering your cards. They have predesigned or ones you can custom design yourself
  • Go to checkout. The $10 for your free cards will come off there. If you add extras like rounded corners, front and back, etc, that will not be covered. Only up to $10
  • Shipping came to $11.89 for my area.
  • Check out.
  • Sign up for the 30 day Free Trial to Great Fun to get $20 back on this order.
  • Email with your rebate certificate will arrive within 1 to 2 days via email to send in to get $20 back
  • Mail it RIGHT away, so that they get it while you are still a member.

So, when all is said and done, you will have gotten 100 business cards, a trial membership to Great Fun and made a profit $8.11!! Yay! As always, lovin' my free trials!

I will be checking out all the benefits of Great Fun, so if I find anything worthwhile, I will let you know!!

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justusseven said...

BLOG AWARD ALERT - no need to post this - I really just chose you so I could tell my readers how awesome you are =)

Anonymous said...


Before I launch through the process of ordering, I wanted to ask: is the $20 rebate a full $20, or up to $20?

Carrie @ said...

It says you get all $20. In fact, the rebate form doesn't require you send in any proof of purchase.

Just your address and customer number for Great Fun.

Anonymous said...

Get free stuff for your baby

Stacy said...

It only took $10 off of my order and the business cards were $14.99. Stil a good deal, but not free for me. I'm not sure why?

Carrie @ said...

Correct...the coupon is only up to $10. So, depending on what extras you added to your cards ( I added rounded corners, front/back and glossy ), it will add a bit more.

Did you get the free $20 offer at the end? It should make it a money maker for you, then.

Natalie said...

I am a little stuck here... I signed up for Great Fun before I ordered my cards, so when the promo came up after checkout, I wasn't able to sign up for it because I was an existing customer. Do you know how I get it? I can't see a link anywhere on Great Fun's website. (is this the same thing as the $20 exxon mobile prepaid card?)

Carrie @ said...


If you already are a member of Great Fun, then they aren't going to be able to offer you trial for another $20.

It sounds like you just got the $20 in gas cards instead of in the form of a generic check or VISA gift card, but already took advantage of their trial offer with another deal or on it's own.