Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Up to $15 in Free Gas from P&G

Thanks so much to Sarah B for sending me this great offer.

Unfortunately, it isn't offered at any of my local stores, but it just might be for you.

What is the deal?

P&G will give you a $10 Gas Cash Card if you buy $35 worth of P&G products in one shopping trip. They will give you $15 if you buy $40 worth.

You must pick up the rebate form from the same store your receipts is from and each store has a different expiration date.

Click here to see if you local store is listed and when.

Hope some of you can get free gas!

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gottgirl said...

I was so glad you posted this because my stores do apply and it gave me a chance to advertise your blog on my blog. Going to stock up today - free gas here I come.

10 Dollar Gifts said...

Excellent! Thanks so much for sharing this!

Celeste P.

Megan said...

Just a FYI: I did this deal last year & it ended up being not worth it. They sent a gas gift card that could only be used at certain stations....I NEVER FOUND ONE where it could be used. I actually lucked out and stuck it in the self-serve postal stations in the post office lobby and that was the only place I could find to use it; ended up losing some money on the card because you have to spend atleast $1 on those machines.