Wednesday, February 25, 2009

University Survey Sites!

We all know I love surveys. In fact, I truly enjoyed one of them I took last week on an "upcoming" product to be released at the grocery stores in the future. How fun! And, just today, I earned 300 points ( $3.00 ) on My Survey.

So, you can imagine how excited I was today when Nicole from Nicole's Nickels wrote me to tell me about six survey sites I have never worked with before. In fact, I sat down immediately and registered with all of them.

What makes them a bit different than the other free survey sites?

Well, these are all offered thru Universities and according to Nicole, many pay via Amazon gift certificates. Love that!

Another point made, she went on to say that some of these say experiments but that this can mean a survey on your views. So, it is worth signing up to see if anything comes across your desk that you may want to take part in.

Some of these sites will email you when surveys become available and some said you have to log in and check. So, make a note when signing up.

Here is the list:

And, don't forget.....if you haven't signed up for survey sites yet, you can click here. This is my complete list of sites I recommend.

Always set up a separate email account for surveys, for example mine is surveysforcarrie at yahoo dot com. This way, the emails don't get mixed in with your other emails. I can simply log into this account and take my surveys. Survey emails are the only ones that go to that account.

Thanks again to Nicole! I am thrilled.

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The Ory's said...

These university survey sites are really good. I've been registerered with them for a couple months now, and have won one of the chance ones as well as completing many of the paid ones.

You really do need to log in and check frequently for these university sites, since the slots go quickly.

Terri Peters said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm going to sign up now!