Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mystery Shopping - Full Scope, Inc.

I am thrilled to introduce Full Scope, Inc as this week's Mystery Shop!!

As you probably know from past posts, my favorite shops are almost always restaurant shops. Number one, I get a meal out with my family and the kids are usually invited to come. It is so fun. And, my eldest son is a great Mystery Shopper. He always notices all the details. So, it makes my job even easier. :-)

The latest shop requests I have gotten from a Full Scope have been some fun chain restaurants, and hopefully some are available in your area, too.

Click here to register with Full Scope, Inc.

New to Mystery Shopping or my site?

I have been a Mystery Shopper for a few years now, and I have decided to introduce all my readers to a new company each week. To catch up on the companies I have written about thus far, click here or go to the Mystery Shopping button in my left menu bar at any time.

These are all FREE companies. Please read my instructions here, on Mystery Shopping before you start, too. And, for everyone who has written or called me over the last few weeks regarding being a shopper, I highly advise you sign up for every shop and have it sent to a specific "Mystery Shopping" email account you set up for yourself.

Each shop works with different companies and, as well, they can add new clients at anytime. So, it is worth it to remain on their mailing list, even if you find they don't have shops in your area at this current time.

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Josh and Amanda said...

I was wondering if we are required to pay taxes on money that is reimbursed when mystery shopping. I read that independent contractors only have to report income if it is over $400. Does this include actual wages as well as money that is reimbursed? If you have any answers to my questions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!

Carrie @ said...


Great question. I don't honestly know, because I file it all since I do so many different things ( online offers, affiliates, mystery shopping, etc )

BUT, I would like to recommend a great gal when I was on that blogging conference in Nashville. Mrs. CPA. She will surely be able to help you OR hopefully be able to point you in the right direction.

email her. She is a sweetie!

Shaun said...

I would be curious to know if you work with a scheduler or directly with the mystery shopping company?

Carrie @ said...

Usually, I am working directly with the mystery shopping company.

Not sure exactly what you mean by a scheduler?

I do have a specific person usually assigned that I am in contact with ( works with me if I have any issues, checking in with me if they have questions on my reports, etc ), but that person works for whatever company I am doing the mystery shop for at that time.

Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

As we are out of work, I have looking into this kind of work. This company has received an "F" from the Better Business Bureau. The best grade is an "A+". So not sure what to think.

Carrie @ said...

If you notice, this company only had one complaint and that one complaint gave them an F.

It appears from the complaint that they were not able to get in touch with them.

If you go directly to their website, you will notice they have an alert on there that a company withe Western Union has been frauding people with their name.

This has happened to other mystery shopping companies, as well, where you will get fake emails looking like they come from these organizations asking you to pay money before the shop, etc to them.

NEVER, NEVER do this.

The only thing you should be doing with mystery shopping is doing the actual shop.

Often, it will require a purchase ( pay for your meal out, etc ) and then is reimbursed. But, you are talking minimum dollars here. Most of their shops around me are restaurant shops.

But, if you are ever asked to transfer large amounts of money to test a service, is a scam.

I have been with this company for years and never had a problem.

As long as you sign up with the legit company ( don't get a random email ) you shouldn't have problems.

Ginger Smith said...

Hello, I am Ginger Smith, owner/operator of Full Scope Mystery Shopping in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I have owned my mystery shopping business for over 12 years, and primarily shop restaurants. I have no relationship with a company using the same name out of Seattle, WA. In addition, there have been scammers on Craig's list and possibly other websites using my company name and website to solicit for scams involving cashing checks and sending money via Western Union. These are definitely not legitimate, and I have since posted a warning on my homepage about these scams. I have also requested that my programmer change the contact address on the site to I was unaware that operations was a dead address. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Anonymous said...

is anyone named Robert Brenner working for your company?