Monday, February 23, 2009

What's in your Phone Book?

I know, phone numbers, right?

Well, that is true, but did you know those big, beefy books delivered to our doorsteps actually include tons of coupons?

OK, I will admit, most of them are not ones I will probably ever use, but how do I know for sure?

For example, this past weekend, we decided to go to a family dinner out at Red Robin. Now, in general, if we go out for a meal it is to a local pizza joint or Skyline Chili. Both quick and well, affordable for my family of 5. Or, we try to go out when they have Kids Eat Free meals ( usually during the week )

But, this weekend, we decided to splurge and go to an actual restaurant.

And, I was glad I had clipped all my Phone Book coupons. We never receive Red Robin coupons around here, but my phone book had a 10% off. It saved us $4...yay!

And, don't forget, there are other places to get great coupons for around town, too. I, personally, have different local magazines delivered in my mailbox with coupon to local restaurants, stores, etc.

I also, periodically, get "junk" mail that are actually coupons to local establishments. Some are for oil changes, restaurants, stores, massages, furnace work, etc. I think you know what I am talking about, right?

And, like I mentioned above, you don't think you will use most of them and probably never will, but I quickly file them anyway. And, in the years since we have lived here, I bet I use a coupon from my file at least a few times a month.

So, how do I make sure I know where all my coupons are and make sure I don't miss one when I am heading out?

First, I cut and file them as soon as they come in the mail, my phone book, etc. It takes mere minutes to cut them out and put them alphabetically in a file organizer. I, personally, like to use a larger, portable file organizer. Some coupons are flyers that are full pages, so a smaller organizer wouldn't work as well.

Everytime I file my coupons away, I then immediately take my organizer back out to my van. It stays in my van at all times. You never know when you will find yourself somewhere that you need your coupons. I have had friends call my cell while I was out and about town to meet them somewhere. Since I have my coupons with me, if we meet somewhere...I can then immediately pull out my coupon if available.

Here is another great example. In the mail last month a coupon came for a free haircut at Sports Clips. My husband usually goes to another shop, but when he told me he was going for his cut this weekend, I whipped out the coupon and sent him to Sports Clips. It saved us $12 and all because I knew exactly where that coupon was for him.

In all things that save or earn my family money, the key is ALWAYS organization. If you are willing to take the time to stay on top of mail, paperwork, etc, you will find your family can save quite a bit over the year.

Want to see an example of a coupon file? You can click on the image below. It looks very similar to mine.

Now, go pull that phone book out and clip those coupons and file them away! You never know when that small piece of paper might save you a bit of money!

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