Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's is Tomorrow! Free Music and e-Cards!

Wow...the year is flying by. Tomorrow is already Valentine's Day!

Now that I am older, it is not a holiday I spend a lot of money on. Once in a while, my husband and I will suprise each other with something special, but then other years....we do nothing!

I will tell you, though, the year he came home with a very nice gift for me ( 2 years ago now ), I was so surprised and touched, I started crying. It is much more of a surprise, because I wasn't expecting anything.

But, I do think it is nice to acknowledge friends, family and even your husband :-) on V-Day! And, you don't have to spend money to do it. A nice, free e-card is a nice way to tell friends across the world that you are thinking of them and love them. Or, feel free to drop a card creation in the mail.

Here is a company I found that allows you to create cards, personalized and photo cards, for free on your own PC. You can then either email them or print them and mail them. Your choice.

Click here to go to the EZ Card Creator. When you sign up and start the download, make sure you know that you do NOT need to accept all the advertisements on the download bar. You can decline them. It is just an option.

Finally, Amazon is giving a free MP3 song away for Valentine's Day. Today and tomorrow only. Click here to download your song, "Let's Get it On" by Marvin Gaye.

Have a great Valentine's Day tomorrow!

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