Monday, February 9, 2009

Free Magazine Subscription with Reservation Rewards

Did you take advantage of the fabulous free blanket deal with Brylane Home that I posted about here?

If so, I wanted to make sure you knew about some of the other great features of Reservation Rewards.

First, they give you $10 a month as a rebate for any Brylane Rewards, or $120 free a year. Don't forget, you do have a membership fee after your 30 days free trial, but this $10 free a month almost covers the cost.

But, on top of that, you also get one free Magazine Subscription up to $14.95! Pick anything you want here, and then mail the receipt immediately ( you have 30 days...but why wait ) to Reservation Rewards - Cash Back Offer, c/o webloyalty, P.O. Box 855, Shelton, CT 06484. Please include: your email address for Reservation Rewards, and your Reservations Rewards Member #.

They state it could be 4 to 6 weeks to process, so depending if you decide to keep or cancel and when may determine whether you get your rebate.

What is my plan?

I ordered my magazine here. I sent my paperwork in to be processed immediately so that it will hopefully come back before my trial is over.

If my 30 days is nearing an end, I plan to call and see if they can extend the trial OR lower the price. Hopefully, yes. If not, I will pay for the 2nd month and this free magazine basically covers the price of the membership PLUS I will get another $10 free Brylane Home rebate to use next month, which means I should come out ahead.

Enjoy the benefits of this program! As we all know, I love, love free trials to clubs. There are so many benefits.

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Anonymous said...

I did not sign up for the trial membership with my order from Brylane Home. Now, if I try to sign up right from the Reservation Rewards site, they charge $12 for the 30 day trial.

Carrie @ said...

Yep...when you find a good free trial, it is always important to jump on it. The cost and the benefits can change from where you log in or find the deal.

I will be doing a method madness post on free trials hopefully this week.

Carrie @ said...
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Jen said...

Hey Carrie,

I tried this, but whenever I try and join Reservation Rewards, it gives me a "system error" page with more offers on it for various things -- FTD, AllPosters, etc. The same thing happened when I clicked to it from Brylane.
I did order the stuff on Brylane, though, and got a very cheap (hopefully free if I can get the Reservation Rewards membership) magazine -- Coastal Living, my fav! -- from the magazines.

Any idea why this isn't working?

Carrie @ said...


No idea. Unless it need cookies etc to come thru and you have it set to block?

Kimberley H said...

I did the Brylane/Reservation Reward (RR) deal with you last friday. In doing the magazine deal thru them today, would it work and would it be beneficial to order your magazine subscription by going thru eBates? Because then you would also be getting cash back on your subscription separate from the reward amount Reservation Rewards would send you. Does this make sense? And would it work? Thanks for your feedback!
-- Kimberley H (I also just sent you an email with another question about the RR deal :)

Anonymous said...

I did the Brylane Home order and signed up for the Reservation Rewards as well. However, my invoice does not show the blanket, even though I did put in the code. I have an email in to the company but haven't heard from them yet. Does your invoice show the blanket?

Anonymous said...

I didn't get an invitation to Reservation Rewards. The name of the company I got was Shopper Discounts & Rewards.

I am not sure what the difference is. They sound pretty similar.


Carrie @ said...

My checkout page showed the blanket but I haven't viewed the invoice yet.

In regards to Shoppers Discount vs. Reservation Rewards...does it have the free magazines, too?

If so, it may be worthwhile to sign up for one if you plan to remain a member long enough to get the rebate.

Carrie @ said...


That is a great idea. You absolutely can!

Anonymous said...

The Shopper Discounts and Rewards has the same offer and the same address -

"Simply mail your magazine subscription receipt to: Shopper Discounts & Rewards - Cash Back Offer, c/o webloyalty, P.O. Box 855, Shelton, CT 06484 within 30 days of making your purchase"


Anonymous said...

I joined The email confirming my order had a link to click saying it qualified for free shipping.

I went back and clicked the link and joined today.

Here is the basic scoop on that.

It has a 30 day free trial - but you have to be a member when you get PAID the claim - and claims can take up to six weeks.

Membership is $8.37 a month after the 30 day free trial period.

You get $45 in shipping rebates from ANY online merchant in the first year ($15 in the first 4 months - and then $10 per quarter).

**I have an email in to clarify if it is ONE rebate up to $15 - or $15 in rebates.

You get up to $500 per year in shipping rebates on any purchase ordered by clicking through from their site. They pay up to $10 per claim for shipping. You can claim shipping with the same merchant 12 times per year. One claim per merchant per day.

They have LOTS and LOTS of merchants, including,, elf, Snapfish, Vista print, Target,, BestBuy, Office Depot--etc.etc.etc.

You get up to $500 per year RETURN shipping if you have to return something and the merchant doesn't cover the shipping. These can be purchased at any online site, but have to be purchase with a credit card that is registered at Pays up to $10 per claim.

They have a 90 day price protection guarantee. If you purchase something online with a registered credit card and find the same item cheaper (online or in store) within 90 days you can put in a claim. It doesn't count clearance items, damaged items, etc.

They also have double warranty and discount movie tickets.

I'll see how it goes.

It kind of depends on how much online shopping I do.

It sure would help with all those smaller orders that don't qualify for free shipping -

But I have 30 days to figure it out.


Jen said...

Back to the possible cookies problem -- I do have cookies generally blocked -- but I went in and allowed for RR and the sister site. Still no luck. :(

Carrie @ said...

That's a bummer,although it sounds like that was probably what the origiunal problem was.

If you ever do any of the online offers or programs such as these onine, your cookies normally do need to be set to allow.

You often will not get credit if cookies are blocked, unfortunately.

Not sure why it wouldn't go thru now, except that I am not sure how you are getting into the program now anyway? It usually only pops up with the exact same benefits after you make the purchase thru Brylane.

Did you just leave the windows open?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I was the one who didn't have the blanket show up. I just used my $10 gift cert. from the reservation rewards and tried the blanket offer with it... it went through this time! I am (fairly) positive I enetered it last time but for whatever reason it did not credit. So for the reference of others - it WILL show up on your order summary at the end. If it doesn't then GO BACK and re-enter it before you submit your order. The Reservations Rewards doesn't look like a bad program but they have so little to offer where I live that I will be cancelling it soon.

Thanks for a great site! I have signed up for several mystery shopping sites and have already done three shops. I am waiting to hear if I qualify to mystery shop having my taxes done... if I do I'll get all my expenses paid and make $70 to boot! Woo hoo! Thank you. Jill B.

Rachel from Texas said...

Ok if anybody didn't order their magazine and wants to now, I found a deal. Now if you cancel during the trial you might not get the rebate but this deal is good even if you don't get the rebate. The deal of the day on Cashbaq is a 4 (yes 4!) year subscription to Reader's Digest for $12.75 using code READER40 AND you get 15% cash back when you order through them AND if you send in for this rebate you *might* get this $10 back making it almost free. But even if the rebate doesn't end up coming since you aren't still a member when it's processed, after the cashback, it still comes out to around $11 for 4years! BTW, my money has shown up now for the entertainment book purchase so thanks for the heads up on that