Monday, January 26, 2009

$10 Off $10 at Oriental Trading

Time for my favorite coupons!

If you are new to my blog, $10 off $10 or $5 Off $5, etc coupons are simply the best. You can get tons of free items when you combine these coupons with sale and clearance items.

For school last year, I got my son a $20 Polo Style shirt for free. It was on sale for 50% off, bringing it to $10 and then I used my $10 off coupon. Now, that is the way to shop!

So, what are the deals on the Oriental Trading coupon.

First, it is an online coupon. The code is AVA910. You will have to pay shipping, which comes to $6.99. But, if you buy items from clearance, you are getting a heck of a deal for $6.99.

I bought gift bag toys for my son's birthday party this summer ( another item off my list for the year ). And, I got a wonderful Fall Clock for the wall. Both were on clearance, and my total would have been $30 ( with shipping ) and I am now getting for just the cost of shipping.

Second, you will want to shop thru either Big Crumbs or Mr. Rebates to get money back on your purchase.

New to these programs? Don't ever shop online without using an Online Rebate company. All you do it set up a free account and then click on the store you want to shop thru their site. Their site will take you directly to the stores site ( just like if you had gone their on your own ) but now they track your purchase. They will give you a percentage back.

Trying to decide which to use? Mr. Rebates will give you a $5 bonus if you are new plus 3% back. That brings your total to approx. $1.78.

Already a member of Big Crumbs. They are offering 4.5% for Crumb Savers. If you are a Crumb Earner, then it is only 2.5%.

Now, here is the bonus:

After you place your order, a pop up will appear for Easy Saver offering you $15 off your next order via rebate. This is simply for trying their company for just over a $1. You have 30 days to try their program and they will give you the $15. So, you know me, I love free trials.

Just make sure to mark you 30 days on your calendar ( electronic, planner and cell phone ) with the cancellation phone number. Then, make sure to call an cancel and you get $15! Now, you can go buy more items!

And, don't forget, often times when you call to cancel, they will add extra weeks on for free if you tell them your packet didn't arrive to ( give the actual date ). I always call to ask for a full 30 days, since it is more like 2 weeks by the time the material arrives.

Have fun shopping!



Jamie said...

I've only used Ebates and Cashbaq. When you use Mr. Rebates or Big Crumbs, are you allowed to use other codes like this and still get your money?

Esha said...

Just did the offer and got a ton of stuff. However, I was only offered $10 off my next purchase at the end. $10 or $15 it's still free money. Thanks

Stacy said...

Does the $15 you get at the end need to be used at the same company? It's off of the next order (meaning you have to place another order) not this one right?

Carrie @ said...


Whenever I am using a coupon code that is not on Ebates or Cashbaq, I tend to use Big Crumbs or Mr. Rebates.

Big Crumbs has always given me credit in the past for coupon codes not on their site, and they don't mention anywhere that you can't use other coupon.

PLUS, Big Crumbs pays every month, whether your total is 50 cents or 50 dollars. Unlike Ebates, etc, where you need to wait until you reach $5.

Mr. Rebates also does not mention that they won't use outside coupons, and so far, I have gotten credit in the past.

Of course, there may always be an exception in the futre, but so far...I have gotten a bit back.

Carrie @ said...

Yes the $15 will have to be used at Oriental Trading, too. And, my understanding is it will be on the next order.

In the past, I have always been able to use this free money for a purchase during the free trial phase. ( I never want to promise anything...because companies can change their terms at any time ).

But, just make sure to do your order quickly and send the $15 rebate in ( that is what it has been in the past ) so you get your credit.

Misty said...

Hi Carrie, I signed up for easy saver...but I haven't received an email from them (I checked my spam folder too). Do I need an email from them before I do another order for $15? How long did it take you? Or do you get the $15 at the end of 30 days. Also, I never saw a phone number to call an cancel!

Carrie @ said...


The # is 1-888-595-9380

I never got an email either. When I have signed up in the past, I have always gotten a packet in the mail about 2 weeks later with the directions on the $15 then.

So, DON'T buy the products UNTIL we get our packets. We want to make sure we have all the terms/conditions straight.

In the past, I have always been able to sign up and get credit during the trial, but without having my packet yet...I can't guarantee.

So, I want us all to have them in hand before we reorder additional merchandise.

Danielle Miller said...

I made my order. I used your plan and bought party favors for my baby's first birthday in May. I got the cute little rubber duckies with party hats on. I think you got all the good things in the clearance section already!!! I'm still happy with my order though!

Kiki said...

Is there an expiration date on this coupon? I am assuming, also, that the Easy Saver is through Big Crumbs? Do they have a sign up bonus, too?

Carrie @ said...


I could not find an expiration I'm not sure.

Crumb Savers is thru Big Crumbs, and they don't have a sign on bonus.

The Traveling Saleswoman said...

Thanks for sharing this code. I just got enough goody bag gifts for 25 kids at my son's birthday party for $12.97 shipped!