Friday, January 30, 2009

$20 off $20 or more Stamp from Staples

I love this deal, because I loved my old return address stamp!

My problem, we had our youngest, Noah, and the old stamp didn't include his name. So, I had to stop using it! Just wouldn't seem nice to not include him...

Thankfully, Staples is running a special online or they have a printable coupon for in store that will give you $20 off $20 or more on Custom Stamps.

Printable coupon, click here

Online code, 47328

It is good for ACCU-STAMP, EVOSTAMP, 2000Plus or Green Line. Coupon expires on Jan 31st, so we must hurry!

I picked the EVOSTAMP Pre-Inked Stamp 11/16" x 2", because it only came to $1.99 after coupon. The full price is $21.99.

If you order online, shipping came to a little over $3 for me.

But, don't forget, if you are new to Mr. Rebates, you will get a $5 bonus with your first purchase. So, you can shop thru Mr. Rebates and go to Staples. Then, you get the stamp for completely free plus 4% back! Click here to register with Mr. Rebates.

Or, if you don't want to order online, just head to your local store.

Don't forget, customized stamps make nice gifts, too. The one we had before was actually a gift to my husband from his boss at the time!


Jamie said...


Is Mr. Rebates better than Ebates or Cashbaq? Can you use coupon codes like this and still get your money back with them?

Thanks! (I went for another $500 gift card yesterday. Expecting my $500 gas cards in the mail any day! You rock!! :) )

Jessica said...

Can you please post a link to the Evostamp? I'm having a hard time finding it on the site

Jessica said...

Oh, I found it! Thanks anyway!

Carrie @ said...


I like all the programs. There are actually a few others I use, too.

BUT, if I have a coupon code that is not listed on Ebates/Cashbaq, I use Big Crumbs or Mr. Rebates, because in general, they will still give credit. There are a few exceptios.

That is why I did not recommend Ebates on this one ( even though it paid 4% at Staples ), because this coupon code was not listed on their site.

Jamie said...

Great, thanks! Maybe I'll sign up for Mr. Rebates then, for cases like this. I love cash back for shopping! :)

Christie said...

Where did you find it ... I was having a hard time locating it as well.

Carrie @ said...

I just typed custom stamp in the search box.

Then, on the next for the ads to scroll until you see the $20 off one. click on it.

It will take you to the next page, click on the custom stamps picture and ask for the online or in store coupon ( however you are going to buy it ).

Next page, click on cosco stamps.

Then, go to Return Address stamps.

next, go to the picture of the one you want. It will have a scroll list of the different options and a button to check prices.

Kerrie said...

I just tried to use the coupon code and it said it's expired...bummer, I really wanted the stamp!

TATYANA said...

My didn't work too :(

Carrie @ said...

Yeah..the fine print had the expiration date or while supplies last.

So, supplies are out, I guess.

I wonder if you call the store, if they still have them available.

Jennifer said...

I went to the store yesterday and ordered one for $1.08...yippee!! Thanks!

Also, I have received $75 in giftcards this week by transferring prescriptions...Yeah!!

love your site.