Monday, January 5, 2009

$6,250 Awarded in December! Congrats to All!

LOVE this picture from Leigh! This is, by far, the most unique picture from a reader with their $500 Gas Cards! Thanks, Leigh, for sharing!

First, as I plan to do every month, I want to post a Congrats to all my readers who got free Gift Cards, Checks, etc for the previous month, thanks to Online Offers.

In December, I have heard from many of you, and the total came in at a whopping $6,250 in free gift cards for you all! I am so thrilled!! And, if any of you got your gifts in December and didn't email me, please do so now and I will add you to the list!

So, here are the readers who got their money last month:
  • Christi - $500 Gas Cards
  • Heather G. - $1,000 ( $500 Visa and $500 Gas Cards )
  • Janel - $500 Gas Cards
  • Lisa C. - $750 Visa Gift Card
  • Leigh B - $500 Gas Cards
  • Marla - $500 Gas Cards
  • Lexie - $500 Gas Cards
  • Wendi - $500 Gas Cards
  • Teri - $500 Visa
  • Heather S. - $500 Gas Cards
  • Haley - $500 Gas Cards

Want to read comments from all my readers who have gotten free money/gift cards and see pictures of their winnings? Click here.

New to Online Offers? Click here or, at any time, go to the Online Offers button in my left menu bar to read more.

This is, of course, at the top of my list for money makers every year. You can make $1,000's each year by taking part in these offers and truly help your family financially. I have been doing them for over 3 years now, and loving them! And, as I have mentioned previously, I have gotten over $20,000 in free gift cards or checks, with my profit being slightly below that number!

Since most of us have taken part in the $500 Gas Card and VISA Gift Card offers from I-Deal over last year, what is one I would recommend for us all now?

I would probably go with the $500 Kmart Gift Card from I-Deal's e-ResearchGroup. Why? Because it does not count towards that $1,000 6 month quota you completed if you took part in the other two. It is not a Top Notch company. So, you can still take part in this offer.

If you are new, I would still recommend the $500 Gas Card or the $500 VISA first. They are good starting sites, as you can tell from the success so many readers have had with them.

Don't forget about Nuitech sites, too! If you have done your 6 month quota on I-Deal, it may be time to take a look at another company, and they are a good one to check out. You can find them listed on my Online Offers webpage.

Finally, I am updating the webpage now, with any new offers I have found over the month. So, make sure to stop by and take a look around.


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

hi carrie, happy new year! can you do the gas card and visa card you have linked in this post at the same time, or not b/c they are the same parent company? i've finally worked up the nerve to try this :) thanks!!!


Kelly said...

Hi Carrie, I'm pretty new to this site. I've just been kind of "lurking in awe" at all the money you make from these offers. I would like to try one, but I'm scared I'll screw something up and end up paying out lots of money! Have you ever, or will you ever, do one of these offers step by step along with the readers? I'd appreciate any info! And could definitely use some extra $$$ as I am expecting my third child!

Carrie @ said...

Yes, you can do both the gas and the VISA IF those are the only two you do with I-Deal in a 6 month time frame.

You can get up to $1,000 from Top Notch - I-Deal every 6 months.

Just make sure you don't duplicate offers or from the same parent company, as they won't count.

Carrie @ said...


I would LOVE to do a step by step tutorial...working thru the process with people, BUT unfortunately, I would be disqualified and not aloud to do offers myself anymore.

And, I love my free money! :-)

This is why you will not see me mentioning specific offers to try or not try. Everything on my site is just spelling out their terms/conditions and how the process works...which is what could be found on their site.

But, they frown upon instructing poeple how to sign up for specific offers, or recommending people cancel them, keep them...whatever. They want the people taking part to legitimately try offers they personally are interested in, in the hopes that someone will remain a customer with some.

If you read thru the general insturctions and ALSO the specific instructions/questions & answers for the company you should be OK.

So far, I have only one gal who has had problems. We are not sure what the deal is....if the feed is not going thru, cookies aren't set up right, etc....because nothing seemed to feed thru.

But, the nice part, if you start with I-Deal, the most you will "probably" spend is between $40 and $80...depending on the offers you choose. So, even if something goes will be OK. They send a $50 gift card to anyone who doesn't you could still possibly be ahead.

Debbie said...

Hey Carrie,

I do several "get paid to" or "reward" sites, as they sometimes prefer to be called.

They always have these deals up, and you get paid a few cents for doing the first and second pages (i.e., an e-mail submit), then you close out all the other pages.

I have three other e-mail accounts set up for all the spam. It is amazing how much you can get in just one day (or even ONE HOUR)!

However, like you said in the instructions, I always thought they were just crap offers (for lack of a better term)! (Sorry about that.)

So, are saying they are legit? You will really get what they are offering on that first page?

I have one credit card that I use only for internet offers just in case something goes screwy. I can track it all better on one rather than wade thru a sheet of charges.

I'm actually in the process of an Acai berry offer for one of my reward sites, but it doesn't pay anything close to $50 or more!

I think I may try these, based on the companies you say are trustful and have had success with.

I already have a huge spreadsheet set up for my reward sites, so I don't duplicate any offers. (As you know, that is a HUGE no-no.)

So, the links in your e-mail/post are correct? They don't mention the company you said, so I'm assuming they are subs.

..and you are right...if you mention canceling any offers on the reward sites, you risk getting booted off them!

Thanks for the tip. I will probably try one when I have a day off.

Jessica Harman said...


So you got me interested in this and I actually did it after carefully thinking through it all and reading your post. Once I finished on the platinum page nothing happened...meaning they didn't take me to another page or anything...that's okay right? I felt like there should be a "You're on your way" page or something! haha...I'm hoping there isn't because I didn't see that! Thanks for all of your helpful advice...your blog is great!

Carrie @ said...


Yep...the Platinum page is the end.

Now, you just want to log back into your account in the next few days to make sure all your offers are showing up pending.

Then, on day 11 or 12, the majority of them should go thru as approved.

Carrie @ said...


As long as you make sure you are using a legit company ( you can pick ones from my site, or you can research on, etc), you will get some great rewards.

For example, the offer you mention above is also available on these sites, and it goes towards much bigger payouts...which is why I prefer to do these then the smaller reward sites.

Sounds like you are already well organized, etc, so you would be a pro at this!

Jessica Harman said...

Hi Carrie,

Another question...

One offer I signed up for is a one week trial of EMusic. It is still in pending status...what if it is still in pending status when I need to cancel it next week? I know you said it can take awhile for it to approve. Will I lose credit for it?

Teresa said...

Hi Carrie, I have two questions to ask about doing these online offers.

I understand that you can only do 2 offers in a six month period from I-deal. But I was just wondering when does the six months start, one the day you signed up for the site or when you've completed everything?

Second if I signed up for certain offers (ie. netflix, blockbuster, etc.) when doing I-deals top Notch site, am I allowed to sign up for them again when doing the K-mart card through their e-research group sub-company? It hasn't been six months for me....but I wasn't sure if that pertains to I-deal in a whole or if you just can't sign up for the same offers in a 6 mo. period when working on offers that have the same sub-company?

I hope that wasn't too confusing. I LOOOOOVE your site and thanks so much for all that you do for me and my family!