Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mystery Shopping - SG Marketing Group

This is one of my favorite Mystery Shops every year! You can get your taxes done for free, or next to nothing after your Mystery Shop!

To begin, if you are new to my site or still haven't jumped on the band wagon in regards to Mystery Shopping, this may be a good time. Mystery Shopping is a fun and easy way to make a little extra money OR get products for free by evaluating companies in "secret". You can click here to read more on Mystery Shops, or click on the Mystery Shop button in my left menu bar at anytime.

In addition, when you click here, you will find all the other mystery shopping companies I have recommended thus far.

The company I am introducing you to today is called SG Marketing Group. You can go here to sign up and register.

Currently, they are offering TONS of tax shops around the United States. It looked like one of the broadest coverage of the US in regards to shops available, in comparison to the other companies I have introduced.

As we know, getting your taxes done can be expensive, so this is a great incentive.

Take a look at the shops you apply for in regards to specifications. Mine requires they call me first and interview me before giving me the shop. Also, I have to apply for a RAL, or a loan, on my return.

Of course, the company is reimbursing me all fees, etc for that loan, so it doesn't cost me anything. But, check with them, this could be a hit to your credit score. For me, with all the Online Offers, Surveys, and other money making methods...I am willing to take a hit to my credit score to have my taxes done for $0!

If it don't get the shop, I will muddle through, but have someone else do my taxes would be a blessing!!

And, as a reminder, since we are nearing tax preparation time, pull out a manila folder now and every time a piece of documentation comes in the mail for tax season, stick it all together in one spot...filed away! You don't want to lose anything!

Until next week and a new Mystery Shop.....have fun Shopping!


Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

I don't believe the RAL at H&R Block will affect your credit score in a good or bad way. That does sound like a great way to save on your taxes!

Carrie @ said...


It will depend on the person.

If you have very high credit and haven't opened a loan or a lot of credit shouldn't lower your score...or not much if it does.

If you are someone who has so so or bad credit, you have a lot of credit cards, OR you have opened a lot recently, then opening another loan can affect your credit score.

RALs do tell you they will do a credit pull...meaning a hard hit, so it is best to make an informed decision going into the process...can your credit withstand the hit? If so, this is a very good mystery shop. And, you are right...a wonderful way to save on taxes!! Yippee...I honestly do not like filing taxes!!!