Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free 12 Mo. Photo Calendar and More Free Prints!

Look what I had in my "deals" email box today? Yeah! Free Photo Calendar.

I have been wanting one of these, but refuse to pay $19.99 for one! Come can always find calendars around town for free or next to nothing!

Anyway, check your inboxes for a Shutterfly email titled, Kick off '09 with a free calendar--5 days only.

This offer is going thru January 12th for me ( I assume for everyone that got the email ) and the terms are:

Offer is valid for a free 12–month calendar. Offer does not apply to calendar posters. Taxes, shipping and handling charges will apply.

This offer is exclusively for the account of xxxxxxxxx. Restrictions may apply to this sale. Please see the terms and conditions.

If you are not already a free member of Shutterfly, click here. Just my enrolling, you get 25 free prints and then in the future, you will begin receiving emails with freebies periodically, too. It is a great company!

THEN, on top of that...Shutterfly is offering a wonderful New Year promotion for everyone...this means more free prints for those of us who are already members!! I was so excited.... -422x242 Static

How does the promotion work? Log into your account here and then sign up for a FREE Share site. New to Shutterfly? Click here first.
What are the details?
  • Create a new site and get 30 free prints
  • Add Photos to your share site and get additional 10 free prints per week
  • Free Prints will show up in your account the following week after sign up and you have until 2/13/09 to use them
  • Offer ends 2/2/09

What does the Share site offer you?
  • Create an elegant and easy to design web page for free
  • You control the privacy
  • Choose your own web address
  • Easily upload photos and friends/family can order or create projects from them
  • Keep everyone updated thru photos, journals, calendars, etc

Sorry I couldn't save this Free Foto Fun post until next week ( I just did the Clark Photo one ),but the coupon for the calendar expires on the 12th...and I wanted to make sure everyone checks their inboxes.
As always, don't forget to click here or go to the Free Photos button in my left menu bar to see all the free photo items you can currently receive.


Elizabeth said...

I didn't get that e-mail. :(

Jenny said...

I got the email and made a calendar. It was only $6.46, the price of shipping and taxes!

Carrie @ said...

I have to sit down and do mine yet...I am excited.

I haven't had a photo calendar in years!

BECKY! said...

A friend forwarded me her email - and it didn't work for me! You have to be one of the lucky ones to actually get this promo! The code was CALENDAR12. Doesn't hurt to try if you can't seem to find the email (it may be hidden in your junk folder).