Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mystery Shopping - $150 Shops Available and more!

Paging all Registered Nurses in Indiana!

I have a Mystery Shop for you!

Measure Consumer Perspectives is currently looking for Registered Nurses to complete a shop that will pay them $150! $200 if they actually do the bonus mentioned below.

What are some of the different RNs they are looking for?

A. RN, with a pediatric focus. Preferably a new/ recent graduate from nursing school (license required)

B. RN-Advanced Practitioner (license required)

C. RN-preferably someone who will be graduating this year/ just graduated

D. RN-multi specialty (license required)

The shopper must:

1. Have proof of license

2. Have a resume in a word, pdf or txt format

3. Basic cover letter would be nice (but not required)

For this assignment, the shopper will be required to:

1. Apply for a position on the company's website

2. Call the hospital during and after office hours

3. Visit the hospital to apply for the job

4. And possibly visit the hospital for an interview, if granted one ($50 extra bonus, bringing it to $200 )

They are simply looking for feedback on how the application process goes.

If interested, please email me so I can send the application over to you. They do not have this job posted on their online site and it was only emailed to current shoppers.

Interested in joining this Mystery Shopping company and not a registered nurse? You should.

This company recently offered gym memberships worth $450 ( one of my readers snagged one, way to go Tricia )

In addition, they offer many other type shops during the year. It is definitely worth signing up.

Click here to register yourself!

Remember, you can click here or go to the Mystery Shopping button in my left menu bar to find all the current companies I recommend. I will also be introducing a new company every week!

From free oil changes to restaurants, mystery shopping is a great way to make extra money and get some freebies!

4 comments: said...

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Jackie said...

oh man what about RNs in Washington??? haha

Anonymous said...

I am trying to register for a few mystery shopping sites but when it comes to putting in my area code and the areas I am willing to work it only allows me to put in 3 numbers. Help... am I missing something.

thanks- traci

Carrie @ said...

That is correct.

They only want the first 3 numbers of your phone number ( the area code ).

Maybe you were thinking zip code?