Monday, January 19, 2009

Free Tax Questions Answered!

OK everyone. Are we ready to bombard Turbo Tax with all our tax questions?

Seriously, you should have some if you took advantage of any of my methods....especially Online Offers.

Every year, I call the IRS to get some answers on how to file my taxes on all the free money I get from Online Offers. I always want to know what I can deduct ( can I take off the cost of all the items I tried and their shipping? )

What form do I file them on? My main questions are ALWAYS on Online Offers, and I advise everyone to talk to a professional to determine how to figure this out.

So, here is your chance. You have until January 31, 2009 to call the the Turbo Tax hotline and talk to a professional for up to 20 minutes! This is a $29.95 value for FREE! Click here for details.

And, just so you know a bit of what you should receive, you should be getting a 1099-MISC reporting the amount of your gift cards or checks. So, as long as you kept good reports on your offers, expenses, shipping, etc, you should have everything you need to call and get some information.

Big thanks to Choyster Cash for alerting me to this deal. It is a great site and always full of great finds!

Finally, don't forget to click here or go to my Tax Preparation button in the left menu bar at anytime. I will be listing all current Tax Deals going on.

Right now? Free taxes for anyone from TaxAct. Or, free simple form taxes from Turbo Tax. And, don't forget the mystery shop where you can go have your taxes done for you!

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