Monday, December 22, 2008

Unbelievable Online CVS Deal

This is actually my first time shopping online thru CVS. But, I couldn't pass up this deal.

If you spend $50 online, you can get $29 and free shipping.

OK, this sounds like it is only a little over half off. BUT, if you combine it with rebates and Upromise, it all of a sudden becomes a winning deal.

Here is how I worked it out:

  • ( 2 ) Huggies Jumbo Packs for a total of $30.58
  • ( 2 ) Olay Regenerist Eye Make-Up Remover Plus Anti-Wrinkle Treatment for a total of $19.98
  • Clearasil Adult Acne Treatment Cream Tinted for a total of $4.99


  • -$10.00 Automatically comes off if cart is over $50
  • Enter code BACKSTAGE for 20% off Olay products. Takes off -$4.00
  • Enter code MEDICARE for -$5.00 off.
  • Enter code MASTERCARD10 for another -$10 off ( must pay with Mastercard AND you won't see this $10 come off until the last page before you process payment )

Receive via rebate:

  • $15 for 2 Olay Regerist Products. Click here for rebate form.
  • $2 for any Clearasil product. This came in a past Sunday paper. Check your rebate stash.
  • $1 back from eCoupons thru Upromise for Huggies Diapers
  • $1 back from Clearasil thru eCoupons and Upromise
  • $2 back from Caregivers Marketplace rebate for 2 packs of Huggies. Click here to access for your own Huggie Diaper rebates. Need more info on Caregivers Marketplace and this wonderful program? Click here.

Total spent will be $5.55.

Even if you just spent this for 2 packs of Huggies, that would come to $2.78 a pack. That in itself is an amazing deal! Plus, you got 2 Olay products and Clearasil.

New to Upromise? As always, I highly recommend signing up as a member here. Especially since they have this new eCoupons program. I am finding I get money back thru this new program every month. Please use code 5Tylenol for a $5 sign on bonus ( some have reported it is not working...if that is the case...use code 3Glass for a $3 bonus ). Also, make sure to register your CVS card and load the eCoupons before logging into CVS to make your purchase.

And, of course, you can work the deal out anyway you want. I ALWAYS ( as you can tell from my past posts ) like to stock up on diapers when I can get them cheap and with the Olay and Clearasil rebates, I couldn't pass those up.

By the way, while you are there...CVS is now offering a free 8X10 and 5X7. You must order both and use code ENLARGE. Expiration Date is Christmas Eve. Thanks to Mommy Snacks for posting this great find.

Coupon codes courtesy of Fat Wallet.

Cash-Back Christmas Shopping plus Online Coupons Galore at Mr. Rebates!


E said...

That's awesome! You are so smart. Can I just say that I really like your blog--most of the "mom blogs" are very similar in that they use coupons and write about cooking in batches and freezing them. You are more sophisticated and actually make some real MONEY. That's great!

I've never tried submitting a rebate using online print-outs of my order confirmation. Have you tried this? Does this work? It would be great because then we can print out all 3 needed receipts.

BECKY! said...

Thanks! I'm trying to order some stuff but having issues with At the Enter Shipping Address window, there is no "submit" or "enter" button. I tried emailing customer care but haven't heard back yet. Anyone else having these issues (maybe I'm just dumb! :) )

Kelly H said...

The only problem I see with this transaction is that the original sales receipt is needed for both the Olay Rebate and Huggies Caregiver Marketplace, right? Is there a way to get around this? Of course, it's still a good deal, even if I can't get the $2 back from CM. Thanks for the heads up on this deal!!

Carrie @ said...

Kelly H,

Since this is done at, your original receipt is your print out from email. So, you can print it out twice...once for Caregivers Marketplace and once for Olay and once for Clearasil.


I have not tried it with CVS yet. But, I did this with the Barbie rebate, and it worked out fine.

Sarah Kay said...

Thanks so much! I just did this for the cheap diapers too and told my readers all about it.

BONUS - save your receipt for a third time and use it towards your P&G coupon booklet (from purchasing Olay).

sarah p said...

how do you load e coupons on to Upromise? I've never used ecoupons before.


Andrea @ Mommy said...

Carrie - this is an awesome deal!!!

Carrie @ said...

Sarah P,

Log into Upromise. Under the Earn Rewards tab ( the 1st one ), go to eCoupons.

Once there, you should see all the current available coupons. You can then begin activating them. Click on the ones you want, and then there is an activate button in the right menu bar.

Make sure you have all your shopping cards loaded. Your grocery, CVS, etc. That way, when you activate, they load to them all.

E said...

I did this but didn't print out my confirmation (which ended up being 26+ with tax) b/c I figured they'd email it to me, but when they emailed me, the mastercard and the $4 olay didn't come off and it ended up charging me $48. Grrr, sounds like I need to haggle with customer service, their word versus mine.

E said...

One more Q: what is the MEDICARE code for (what criteria does the order have to have to use it)?

Carrie @ said...

I just checked my credit card statement, and it all appears to have come thru OK on my end.

Check your email account. I got a confirmation when it was pending shipment with all the total prices ( mine was at $29, if I remember ) and then they sent me another mail stating my products had shipped. At the bottom of that email was my order break out and totals again.

So, I got it twice in 2 different emails.

IF there were stipulations on the Medicare coupon, I haven't seen them anywhere. It is listed on coupon sites online, and just says use that code for $5 off.