Monday, December 22, 2008

Free Photo Fun

Welcome to my post on where to find your free photos.

As we all know, it takes no time at all for digital photos to pile up on our cameras, computers or disks.

So, every couple of weeks I will be bringing you a new site to go get some free photos printed.
And, I will also include all deals that are still running.

This week I am focusing on Artscow. They offer 600 free 4x6 prints and 600 5x7 prints for new customers...for free. What is the catch?

Well, you can only order 50 of each per month. And, if you miss a month, you lose your free credits. So, don't forget!

Shipping for 50 4x6's each month is $3.99. Or, about 8 cents per print.

Shipping for 50 5x7's each month is $5.99. Or, about 12 cents per each.

Click here to sign up.

I also wanted to focus on them right now, because they have a couple other fun deals happening, which may be worth it...especially after all the Holiday pictures we will all be taking.

You can order a 8x8 Photo Book ( 20 Pages ) for $6.99 w/free shipping. Use code PBS699.

In addition, get 12 FREE Photo Books for 2009. Yep, you heard me! Log into your new account here. Once there, go to the Members Area. Click on Credits and Discounts. Enter the gift certificate code FREE12XBOOKS and validate. You can order up to 2 per month. This code expires January 30th. Shipping is $7.99 for each of these books.

Meanwhile, you can click here to go to my Free Photos webpage. Or, you can find this at any time in my left menu bar. In my side bar, I will have listed all the current promotions.

What are some you don't want to miss? Kodak Gallery has 75 free prints thru December 31st ( pick up at a local store for very cheap shipping ). Click here. After that, it will go back to 20. So, you may want to jump on that now. You can sign up, but you don't have to upload your prints and order them for 30 days.

In addition, Snapfish has also upped their free prints to 50 right now. Click here. This is also their December Promo, so it will probably be lowered after the New Year.

Now that you have all these options for prints, get out there and capture all those wonderful Holiday memories!

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Kira said...

Wow, thanks for the ArtsCow tip, Carrie. Free photo books? I am down with that!

Anonymous said...

I use artscow but must warn people that they have a lot of issues! They have some shady practices and very poor customer service (unless you happen to catch them on a good day). This is why their forum is down right now so that people won't read the negative feedback during the holiday season (and also they are probably deleting the negative before reopening). Also things are shipped from Hong Kong so while you MAY get lucky and receive your items within 2 weeks, there have been many reports of things taking 3 weeks or more. They also have quality control issues especially with photobooks. You can order 5 of the same exact book and some will come out beautifully and others will be very grainy and red. Their answer would be that it was your pictures (which is obviously not the case if they came out perfect in some books) and if you are unhappy, send it back (you pay shipping) and they will refund you. I still shop with them but am VERY careful as those are just a few of the problems. If you do decide to order, there are a ton more codes. The following are the newest checkout codes and come out cheaper than if you have free credits for them: 99tags to get dogtags (new shapes now) for $.99 each including shipping or $1.99 for the 2 side (expires 1/16/09), GLASSESCLOTH99 will get the small 1 side glasses cleaning cloth for $.99 including shipping, and slightly more for the bigger or 2 sided ones up to $2.99 (expires 1/31/09)