Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mystery Shopping - IntelliShop

Today I have another great Mystery Shopping company, and I am actually keeping my fingers crossed that I get a shop this next week. I just applied for the shop, so I am waiting to hear.

Interested in Mystery Shopping, too? Click here to go to my webpage with details on the ins and outs. Or, click on the Mystery Shopping tab in my left menu bar at any time. I will also have listed all Mystery Shopping companies I have talked about on my site.

IntelliShop is currently offering shops from Oil Changes, to Pizza Shops to Retail Card and Gift Shops. So, it is a wide variety, which makes it nice.

In addition, remember, they may not currently have shops in your area. BUT, even if not, you want to sign up and have them begin sending emails with the current shops to your "mystery shopping" email account. You just never know when a shop may become available in your area of the US.

Click here to sign up with IntelliShop/Insite.

And, don't forget about Ath Power and Service Sleuth. These are the two other companies I have talked about over the last couple of weeks.

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Jennie said...

Take a look at my blog and please send a few my way. I post other mystery shopping companies that work for me. jennswayoflife.blogspot.com

Jennifer L said...

Carrie- I used your info to sign up for ath, thanks. Can you tell me if this one has any shops in NJ before I sign up? Thanks

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


Yes, the job board shows current jobs in NJ.

There are Car Dealership jobs ( that sounds very interesting ), Travel Centers, Airports, etc.

Heather said...


I just signed up for this but I am puzzled as to know how much I would make doing the jobs.

The one I am looking at in my area is for the local pizza companies. It shows there is a $30 expense limit but I don't see if showing how much you would make.

Am I overlooking it or where should I look?

Thanks, Heather

heathersavin at yahoo dot com

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


Each specific store you do will be different.

There should be a fee line, and expense line, etc. If the fee line is $0, then you are only getitng expenses covered. Meaning, you get a free night of pizza with your family.

Some restaurant shops pay fees, but MOST only reimburse the money you spent for eating out.