Thursday, December 4, 2008

Monthly Free Sample from Quality Health Available!

Quality Health

For all my fellow readers who are members of Quality Health, too, our monthly free sample is available. It is ACT Mouthwash. Mine came in my inbox last night, so go check your email accounts and click on the account.

Not a member of Quality Heath yet? Click here.

When you sign up right now, you will get a free Purell Hand Sanitizer. Bonus!

But, please make sure to send this to your "deals" email account. For new readers, I ALWAYS recommend you have multiple Free Email accounts. I have one for Deals ( dealsforcarrie@ ), one for surveys ( surveysforcarrie@ ), one for mystery shopping, one for my blog, one for my bills, etc, etc.

Why is this important? When you begin making money online, you MUST sign up for many, many different newsletters, companies, etc. If you had all of this going to one inbox, you would never find your personal or important emails. It would be a mess.

Instead, if I am in the mood to take surveys one night, I log into that email and take one right after other emails to distract me. Interested in just seeing if there were any good coupons for deals for the day? I just log into my deals email account.

Anyway, back to this deal.

When you register with Quality Health, you will initially have to spend about 5 to 10 minutes answering tons of questions. And, they are health related. Does anyone in your family suffer from heart disease? Those types.

After that initial set up, though, it is smooth sailing. You will get eNewsletters, which you can delete or read.

But, once a month, they send you a monthly free sample. You click on that email, answer 7 questions ( took me all of half a minute ) and submit for your sample. Simple!

I have been doing this for about a year now, and loving it!

And...don't worry...I usually remind you all each month that your Free Sample email arrived, so you can make sure to log in and grab it.


Anonymous said...

Question about the Santa Book. Where it says friends names can you put family members names or will it conflict with the story?

Evelyn said...

I use roboform that you suggested. It only has one email on it. Can you ad more email addresses to it?

Anonymous said...

This totally will NOT work, when I finish the book and click on the basket, it takes me back to the shop, when I click on the word basket, it has 795 dollars worth of merchandise in the basket.....any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I signed up and didn't see anything about free purell or mouthwash. Do I get an email for it? Thanks!

Carrie @ said...


There is a way to set it up with different emails.

Mine is set up. When the kids are in bed tonight, let me go into it and see how I set it up.

It has been so long, I can't remember off the top of my head.

Carrie @ said...

On the Santa book, I really don't know about the names.

I haven't seen what the whole story is, so I don't know how the names play in.

But, usually the stories are pretty general. I got one for the Birth of my son, and it had Aunt/UNcles, Cousins names, etc...and they just work them in the story so anyone could fit. I would assume this is the same.

Carrie @ said...

When you fill in all the fields for the book, then scroll back up and click on the little shopping cart icon.

It will take you to a pop up that asks if you want to add to cart.

Once added to cart, then another page fills the sceen and you click Go to Checkout.

Once there, your total should show $4.00 with shipping and handling. Enter your billing information and finalize your order.

All done then.

Let me know if you still have problems.

Carrie @ said...

The free mouthwash came in an email to current members. So, you won't get that. Next month, you will get your first Monthly Sample link....but not sure what that will be yet.

If you finished all the questions, then the Free Purell will be shipped to you in about 6 to 8 weeks ( at least, that was how it worked when I did it the first time )