Thursday, December 4, 2008

1 Cent Personalized Santa Book

1 cent Personalized Christmas My Adventure Book

This was such a cute deal, I couldn't pass up sharing with everyone!

Right now, thru December 7 th, Indentity Direct is offering their Personalized Santa Story book for only 1 cent! Yep! A penny.

This usually retails for about $11.99, so it is a heck of a deal.

It is only 1 per household. But, if you have more than one kid, and can talk a grandparent or two to order ones for the additional kids ( you can always pay them the penny back, right? ), you could potentially get enough for all your kiddos.

You DO have to pay Shipping/Handling. It is $3.99. So, $4.00 total for a personalized story book ( my kids will love having their names in print ).

Click here to order. ( Beware, it says can take 21 days to arrive...that puts us right at Christmas. If mine doesn't happen to arrive in time, I am going to hide it under the tree and act like we missed it, when we find it a couple days later. Aren't I sneaky! )

Also, they are offering a free eLetter from Santa. So, make sure to take advantage of that deal, too.


The Bean said...

Link doesn't work!

Haylee said...

I tried the link, didnt work, but just went to the website. I can't find where it will only be 1 penny.....still ringing up at regular price. Am I doing something wrong??

Carrie @ said...

Sorry Guys...I had the wrong code on there.

I just fixed it.

You should be able to access it now.

It is not offered directly from their website, you have to have the "special" link. :-)

Carrie @ said...

OK...wait a minute.

I put the wrong link out there again.

Hold tight just a minute.

Carrie @ said...


I have it updated correctly.

Sorry about all that trouble. Should be working now.

Kathie said...

I'm entering my info now.

Thanks for the awesome find. DD will be 1 this month but I know it will be a gift she will treasure every year.

StampinbyGeorge said...

Thank you so much for the heads up. A personalized book was on my gift list for my grandson and you saved me at least $8! :-)