Thursday, December 4, 2008

La Ooh!

No, the title is NOT a typo!

I had the best night tonight, and I just had to share!

My 1 year old son said I love you to me for the first time!! ( He is not much of a talker..hardly at all )

I kissed all over him and he said it again and grinned. I kissed all over him AGAIN and he said it AGAIN! We went on this way for a good couple minutes.

How do I know that is what he said to me? Because I leaned over his crib and said, " Night, Noah, Love You!" And, he answered, "La Ooh!" Hence, the title to this post!

So, I apologize this isn't a Money Saving Method, but darn it...I just had to share.

And, to my sweet little baby nestled up in bed, "I La Ooh, too."


BREE said...

Oh! What an absolutely wonderful thing to happen! A very precious moment...I don't blame you for sharing it at all!!

Leesie said...

Awww, so sweet! My baby is 16 now and I wish sometimes I could go back to those toddler days - they seem so far away *sigh*. He is a beautiful, seemingly happy looking little boy in the picture. Aren't boys just great?!
Thanks for sharing ;o)

P.S. Thanks for such a quick response to my Grocery Game inquiry - much appreciated. I love your blog!

Helen said...

Ahhhhhh! I love it! I've been working with my one year old on saying that but for now all I get are the kisses. I'm happy to hear you're getting La Oohs! (He's a cutie, by the way!)

ALI said...

i too have a sweet one year old boy ( and a nutty 3 yr old boy) and that indeed is newsworthy!

what is about these little monkeys that just takes your breath away somethimes?

love your blog, read everything you write!

Stephanie said...

It is those moments that make it all worth it! That is so sweet, thanks for sharing!

Kristy said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie! Don't apologize for posting this because you're a real person behind the blog and not a money saving machine! Or you could look at it like you're saving money on therapy bills in the future by telling your kids how much you love them! Ha, ha! My son is 7 and not too vocal about proclaiming his love for anything other than Power Rangers, Spiderman, etc. but when he does profess his love for me (generally after I've bought him the above mentioned) I tend to get all excited and grab and kiss him too! However, apparently doing so in Target Toy Dept. is NOT cool to a 7 year old so be forewarned!

Alicia said... sweet!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Evelyn said...

Thanks for sharing. Your love for your family and friends comes out often in your blog. You have such a giving and loving heart. Love those kids and relish those words because believe it or not they are gone so soon and you will hear them seldom. Now I can't wait for the time in the future for my daughters to give me grandchildren. Then I can hear it again. Ah, the cycle can repeat.

Centsible Savings said...

Oh, how sweet! I have a 1 year old son too, and I am waiting for the day! Right now all I get is Mo-mi (Even that melts my heart!)

Kristen said...

I have a 22 month old who won't say it... but she's saying everything else! I can't wait for the day when she says "I love you" (or however it comes out!). Thanks for sharing!

Carrie @ said...

Thanks for all the fun comments back.

And, to Kristy...I am right there with you!!

My eldest son is 6, and he is already starting to pull away a bit. So young? I just can't believe it.

But, I am no longer aloud to walk out to the bus stop after school. Luckily, it is across the street from my house, so I watch from the door.

But, I still walk him in the morning, because he has to stand out there waiting ( you mommy mind still worries about those creeps out there ).

But, he officially told me this morning he didn't need me to walk and wait with him in the morning.

I told him, yes, you do.

So, he wanted to know until what grade I was going to keep coming out there with him.

I told him until at least Junior High. He kind of gave me a blank stare. He doesn't quite know what Junior High means yet.

I didn't want to upset him and tell him until 7th grade. :-)

Of course, I am sure I will probably let him long before that...but is it that terrible to want to walk your kids to the bus stop forever? Hee, hee.

Oh, and by the daughter starts afternoon kindergarten next year, and gets off the bus the same time he low and behold, Mommy will be at the bus stop after school again next year.

Didn't want to upset him by telling him that either. :-)

Anonymous said...

How precious! That's so cool!
~The Bargain Shopper Lady

Anonymous said...

What a delight!!! :) Thanks for sharing and brightening our day!!


Lori said...

So sweet! Thanks for sharing!