Thursday, December 11, 2008

Free Lip Gloss Charm from E.L.F. here is the scoop.

E.L.F. is giving a free Cell Phone Lip Gloss Charm ( no purchase necessary ). It looks very cute and would be another great gift for a young girl ( or yourself...I'm keeping mine )

What do we all need to do? Help each other, and I am willing to coordinate this for all of us.

Here are the rules:

1. You must register for their newsletter and fill out your profile ( very quick process )
2. Refer two friends who also sign up for their newsletter AND complete their profile.

So, how can we all help each other?

If you would like the free cell phone lip gloss charm, email me here.

I will then, on a first come first serve basis, assign referrals to each of us.

For example, person 1 and person 2 to email me will be my referrals.

Then, person 3 and 4 I will assign to person 1. Person 5 and 6, I will assign to person 2. Person 7 and 8, I will assign to person 3.

I think you get my drift. If you do this, make sure you sign up for the newsletter and complete your profile!

Also, when you email me, please title it FREE LIP GLOSS, so I can find it easily.

Unfortunately, the ONLY problem with this plan is that someone will be last. :-(

So, when you send your email in, know that it could be you! No guarantees. You, of course, are free then to try and refer your own friends.

Please, also bear with me if I don't get back with you right away. Please allow up to 48 hours for me to write you back with your 2 referrals. I hope to be quicker than that...BUT...I also want to allow myself enough time, in case the response is large.

Also, don't forget about the great promotion that they are offering right now on their make up.

This is a great stocking stuffer gift, or gift for young girls..or yourself. Click here to read my original post for all the details and get the link. Spend $20 and get a $25 gift certificate and a Movie Ticket. That is a $35 value in free gifts!

This should be fun! I am excited we can all help each other out!


sashafras said...

Am I the last one for the ELF lip gloss? Should I just wait a while to see if there is anyone else that signs up?

Carrie @ said...

You can wait, but then you will be at the end again! :-)

I have gotten a lot today, but I just read your right now, obviously, you would be at the end if you emailed me.

But, new emails are constantly coming in.

This promotion doensn't end anytime soon, so I plan to promote it each week, so I can't imagine it would take too long unti you got your two referrals.

Email me if you want in on the chain.

sashafras said...

Sorry, I should have said that I already emailed you and someone else sent me a referral for it. I was just wondering if there were other people after me.

Shaylyn said...

You can put me on the end. I don't really need a lip gloss charm. Sounds cute but feel free to put my e-mail on last as a referred person.

Angelia said...

Please add me to your list. I would love a lip gloss charm.