Wednesday, December 3, 2008

$6.99 Packs of Super MEGA Diapers

I hit the grocery store tonight, FINALLY! I usually go Tuesday night, but my hubby had to work late.

As always, I used the Grocery Game, and was able to save $102 ( only spent $84 ). This, of course, is for a family of 5.

By using this website every month to match my sale and coupons ( plus using rebates ), I am able to feed my family of 5, on average, for just a bit over $50. Of course, this week was a bit higher. BUT, my freezer is so stockpiled, I officially canNOT buy anything else for the freezer. I thought I wasn't going to be able to get some of my meat in tonight. Ugh! It took a bit of reorganizing.

Irregardless, since most of the deals were listed on the Grocery Game, I won't go over them again. BUT, I did want to share one GREAT deal at Kroger ( if you shop one of their sister stores...check there, too ) that I found.

Comforts Diapers ( the Kroger Brand ) Super Mega Pack ( not Jumbo..MEGA ), are marked down to $6.99 because they are discontinued. They are regularly $12.99. This is equivalent to getting a Jumbo pack of Huggies/Pampers for $3.50, since this Mega Pack has double the amount of diapers that the Jumbo packs of the competitors had.

So, if you need diapers for a little one, and you are willing to use Comforts.....I would stock up.

I bought my store out ( that is included in my $83 spent above, of course ).

This should last me until the next great Huggies/Pampers diaper sale.

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