Wednesday, December 3, 2008

$15 Toy Rebate from

First off, a big thanks to Andrea at Mommy Snacks for alerting me to this deal! I combined it with my Barbie rebate to get $145 worth of Barbie Products for approx. $40 for my daughter for Christmas. Shhh!!! Don't tell her.

So, here is the scoop.

First, click here to read my original post on the Barbie Rebate. You get $50 back for $100 worth of select Barbie toys. A lot of them are the new Barbie Diamond series. Very cute! You can go here to print the rebate and see the list of qualifying purchases.

Second, buy one of your products from ( or any toy you need, for that matter, it does not need to be Barbie ). Click here. By buying the product thru you will get an additional $15 rebate when the toy purchase is over $25!

  • Pick a toy from Toy/Game Department here
  • If your total is over $25 and the product says Super Saving pay no shipping charge
  • Purchase product thru your shopping cart
  • Click here for the Cookies Rebate form. You can choose to receive the Cookie magazine OR a $15 rebate. Purchase MUST be over $25 and from a single seller.

    Now, make sure to make copies of your paperwork, as on all rebates. AND, mark on you calendar ( email, planner, phone, etc ) when to expect you rebate. 6 to 8 weeks, approx.

Want to know how my Barbie Rebate purchases played out?

  • I bought the Barbie Diamond Castle at Target for $69.99. Everywhere else it is retailing for $90 to $99.
  • I bought the Barbie Diamond Castle Princess Alexa Doll for $19.94 at thru Ebates for a $10 bonus to my Ebates account. If you are a current member of Ebates, check to see if you got the $10 credit I talked about here. If not, you get a $5 bonus for signing up here.

  • I bought the Barbie Peekaboo Playset at for $26.99. Click here. I will be getting the $15 Rebate Cookies Rebate back.

Price Playout:

Barbie Castle = $69.99

Barbie Doll = $19.94

Barbie Peekaboo Playset = $26.99

Total Out of Pocket was $116.92


Barbie Rebate = $50

Cookies Rebate = $15

Ebates Bonus = $10

Final Price to Me for approx. $145 worth of Barbie Products? $41.92

So, number one...don't forget to use to get your $15 toy rebate. It does NOT need to be Barbie..that's just what I did.

Number two, check out the Barbie rebate. It is a great way to get your daughter, niece, granddaughter the new and latest Barbie toys at 50% off.

Happy Shopping everyone!


Crazy, Busy, Ordinary Life said...

NEW**** love your blog!


shawna said...

What are your thoughts on this:

I bought the Cruise Ship for $59.99 at Target, but used the $15 off coupon, making it $44.99. Should I count the $44 or $59 towards the $100 to reach the rebate?


Carrie @ said...

Shawna, is where it gets tricky.

Did you buy alot of other products?

Is the coupon coming off at the BOTTOM of the receipt, with no words linking it back to the cruise ship?

If you bought $200 worth of products for example, and the coupon comes off as a generic on the bottom, you SHOULD be fine. That is a big SHOULD, I don't want to lead you wrong...I am just telling you what I would do myself.

But, if you only bought the ship and the coupon came off, I would count it as a $44.99 purchase. Then, they definitely know you paid that for the ship.

Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

I did the Cookies rebate the last time that they offered it at Amazon when I bought my son a Leapster (in October, I believe). I did not have any problems getting the rebate check, and I believe it came much quicker than the 6-8 weeks. I'm glad that they're offering it again!

Stef said...

Hi Carrie,

I did this rebate, but have yet to receive my gift card. I am having a hard time finding contact info. to get ahold of someone to find out where my gift card in. Do you have any suggestions?