Friday, December 5, 2008

$5 Chevron Gas Card

I just won $5 of free gas to Chevron. Yippee! If gas prices will just come back down a bit more, I may get 5 gallons out of it..woo, hoo!

Want your free gas, too?

Click here to go play the trivia game with Chevron. You answer 3 multiple choice questions, and then you get you see what you won. It will be anywhere from $5 to $2,500. Oh, how I wish I had won that large one. That would have DEFINITELY gotten me 5 gallons!

And, apparently you can place once a day ( there is only a limited supply, so who knows when it will end. But, I will be checking in daily ). Thanks to everyone who posted comments, you can play daily but you may or may not win a card. It does take only seconds to try, so well worth the effort.

You do need to click on a link in your email, so make sure to check your inbox and your spam.

Finally, thank you, thank you to Surviving the Stores for sharing this great find!


heidi said...

I won $5 and I told my Dad about it and he won $5 too. Thanks!!!

Marcella said...

This is great! Thanks.

How do you track everything? I'm amazed by all your stats. Do you have a post that talks about tracking everything?

Lisa said...

Hi, just wanted you to know - I got all 3 questions right but it said I did NOT win. I guess it's random.....

Anonymous said...

I have tried the last 3 days and have gotten all the answers right, and haven't won. So, it doesn't appear that you always win. Hopefully I'll win tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I didn't win anything, but they sure won all my personal information. Bummer. Wonder who will be calling and what email spam I'll get. :(

Carrie @ said...


Make sure to ALWAYS put your "deals" email address whenever signing up for anything online.

This way you never have to worry about SPAM in your personal email.

If you are a new reader, click on my Getting Started tab in the left menu bar to understand how to set emails up to earn money online and via mail offers.

I have an email for "deals", "surveys", "mystery shopping", bills, personal, etc, etc.

For phone, I always use my Brringg number. This way, if a phone solicitor does call...they hear and advertisement on their end when calling your house ( it is hilarious ). Plus, not many of them..especially recording...can then get thru to your home phone. It really helps alot.