Friday, December 5, 2008

$25 E*Trade Bonus

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As you all know, I LOVE, LOVE Bank Offers. I will have made a profit of close to $1,000 by the end of the year. All for just a small bit of time. A few minutes to open!

I am firm believer that time is money. The money saving methods that mean the most to me in our family are the ones that benefit us the most, BUT take the least amount of time to complete. Why? Because, I like to spend as much time with my little munchkins and husband as possible.

So, although I am a DIE HARD coupon fanatic, too, I tend to enjoy Bank Offers and Online Offers, etc because I see the biggest financial impact to us for the least amount of time. Basically, if I was still working ( which I am, you can say ) I am making the most per hour with those two methods.

Click here to go to my Bank Offers webpage OR you can click the button in the left side bar at any time to revisit this page. It will definitely explain more about the process.

If you are new to this money making method, Sharebuilder is definitely the easiest to start with. You only invest $5 and get $50 back. It is fast. Mine always hit in about 4 weeks time. And, you can open an account for each member of your family, including kids/grandkids, etc. ( In fact, I just opend my first account for my 6 year old son ) and am getting to work on one for my daughter, as soon as a new code comes out.

Once your money hits your account, you just do a bank transfer out to your bank or choose to keep it there and invest with it. Wa, lah! You have $50 in free money! And, you own some stock you bought when you used up that original $5.

Click here to read all the details on Sharebuilder and get step by step instructions.

In addition, another great one right now, that is getting ready to expire soon, is College Advantage. You invest $25 into a College 529 ( you do NOT need to be an Ohio resident, by the way ) and they give you a matching $25. Click here.

There are also many others listed on my Bank Offers webpage.

BUT....let's get to the main reason for this post.

Currently, E*Trade is offering a $25 Sign on Bonus when you invest $1. Amazing! I'm in!

Here are the details:

  • Open a Max Rate Complete Savings Account ( 3.3% Interest...pretty decent return, too )
  • No account fees or minimum balances required
  • $25 will hit account 30 days after $1 funded account opened
  • Accounts MUST be opened by 12/17/2008
  • Must be a NEW account holder using new funds
  • Only one per customer

Click here ONLY to take advantage of this unbelievable deal.

You canNOT click any other E*Trade link you find on my blog anywhere, as those are generic links to their company simply promoting their account and will not get you this bonus. Don't even click on the banner on this post!

Big thanks to Maximizing Money for alerting me to this deal.

Enjoy your free money!


Tonya said...

Thanks for all the great tips Carrie! I just signed up for this offer! I love, love your blog!

Nancy said...

Hi Carrie, remember me? I just posted how I opened my E-trade account - well, I just opened the Sharebuilder account and in a matter of about 30 minutes I opened both accounts and in approximately 4 weeks will have made 75.00 - that translates into an hourly rate of 150.00! I can get used to this! Thanks again!

Carrie @ said...

That's what I am talking about!!! Isn't it awesome!

I love all the promotions companies run. Especially it!


Anonymous said...

I'm IN! :)


liz said...

For the bank deals/e*trade deals you have listed, do you know if they do a hard or soft pull on your credit? I'm guessing that if you are doing them, they probably are doing a soft pull, but I wanted to double check. Thanks!

Carrie @ said...

Hi Liz,

From everything I read on this company when researching from other blogs, they said they do a soft pull.

BUT, with that said, I did not call them directly to verify.

SO, my advice is if you are concernced about having a hard pull ( you have had too many for the year, or credit is not ranked high ), then definitely call to verify!!

It is worth it to have an actual ETrade employee tell you vs. reading from me or another blog. :-)

Since I only read it on other blogs and didn't call myself, I can't confirm 100%. But, I do trust these other bloggers, so I was confident enough myself to move ahead with it.

Kira said...

I got my E*Trade bonus! Carrie, you've inspired me and I started my own blog to keep track of my money saving progress. This is my first YAY FREE MONEY! post, but I hope there will be many more to come. :D