Friday, December 5, 2008

Up to $12 Free Lip Product - Bath and Body Works

I wanted to get this posted right away!

Another great coupon from Bath and Body Works, AND it didn't come via snail mail.

This came courtesy of email today from B&BW, because I am a newsletter subscriber.

I HIGHLY recommend you subscribe, too, and send to your "deals" email account. You can sign up here. This will also get you on the mailing list for hard copy coupons. Often times, these types come out ONLY via you don't want to miss those.

These types of coupons come out quite often, plus when you sign up, you get another one for a free 2oz. Signature Lotion.

As always, go in and buy the cheapest product ( I always buy the $1 Gift Bags )...if they don't have them out, ask if they have any behind the counter. Then, get a Lip Product up to a $12 value FREE. Another great stocking stuffer.

Click here. It expires Sunday, so it needs to be used this weekend.


Cent With Love said...

Thanks for the coupon! Will definitely put it to good use tomorrow when shopping for neighbors' gifts.

Also, wanted to let you know about a cute freebie for the kids' letters to Santa. Posted about it on my blog here:

Aries Mom said...

Thank you Carrie, for some reason I didn't get this one in my email.

I linked you on my blog because of the Amazon rebate.

I sent mine in about four weeks back and received it the day after you post information on it. So yes everyone, the rebate is totally legit I have the check to prove it.

Carrie @ said...

Yeah...that was a fast turn around on the rebate.

I just sent mine in, so I look forward to that $15 back.

Carrie @ said...

Yeah...that was a fast turn around on the rebate.

I just sent mine in, so I look forward to that $15 back.

Cent With Love said...

Are you talking about the Amazon $15 toy rebate that you talked about in your last Barbie post? If so, I ordered a 25+ toy using the link you provided. Will I get an email with the rebate info?


Carrie @ said...

Yes, I was.

I wouldn't wait may not get it.

Go back to that post I did, and the link will take you directly to teh rebate form.

That VERY bottom piece needs to be filled out and sent in with your order confirmation/receipt ( check terms to see which one, or if it matters )

Marcella said...

Bath and Body Works let me use 6 coupons, in 6 separate transactions! Then I went back and did 9 more!!! I bought the $1.50 hand sanitizers and the $1 nail files and got 15 Lip products! AWESOME!!!

Thank you!

Leah Hudson said...

Hi Carrie,

Chalk another one up to the loyalty programs. I went and got mine today. I didn't think about printing more than one like the other lady (oh well).

I just thought I would let you know to check your Target email this week. I got a new thing for coupons that is exclusively for me. It is a "Cutless coupon" that is void if transferred or coppied. It has coupons for items at Target and you use it until you have saved once on each of the offers. Mine has 17 coupons. Just a heads up.

Thanks again.