Friday, November 21, 2008

Local Readers - Free Haircuts for Boys 12 and under

Big League Haircuts finally opened in our town, and they have been running some great promotions. Click here to find a shop near you.

First, they sent us a coupon for a FREE Men's Haircut. So, my husband took advantage of that.

And, now they have a sign out front offering free haircuts to Boys 12 and Under. I called to verify, and they said it will be going on for awhile. They couldn't give me an exact end date, since this franchise is individually owned. I guess it is whenever the owner feels like it.

Feel free to call your local store to see if they are running this promotion, although I believe it is JUST for our new location. With two sons, 2 free haircuts is a decent savings. Unfortunately, we cut their hair at home and just did it a few days ago. :-( Otherwise, I would have taken up to to a Barber shop for a change.

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