Friday, November 21, 2008

275 + Free Miles from Delta Skymiles

If my email below on the free 12 photo cards that Delta Skymiles wasn't enough to convince you to become a Free member, then maybe this will.

Delta Skymiles is now offering a Free e-Miles account to members where they can earn extra miles by simply reading and responding to marketing messages. And, as a bonus, they will give you 275 miles in your account.

Before you sign up, PLEASE makes sure you send to a new email account. I have an email account set up for reading emails where I make money ( I would categorize this is that type ), such as Inbox Dollars, etc. That way, when I am just sitting watching TV, etc, I can log in on my laptop and just mindlessly open emails...get my points..and delete them. OF COURSE, if you ever see an offer that is of interest to you, do check it out. You will get extra points, of course.

Once you have an email established for this, then you can begin the process.

  • Click here to open a Delta Skymiles account and set yourself up to receive email promotions/newsletters, etc.
  • Set up your e-Miles account here. Must enter your Delta Skymiles number.
  • You will receive 100 bonus points for setting up your account
  • Another 100 points for you if you enter the verification code from the email they will send you.
  • 75 points when you update all your profiles

After it is all set up and you log in, there are already bonus mile opportunities. I was then able to earn another 90 today.

If they keep sending us these great free mile opportunities, maybe I will see some you when we all go fly the friendly sky!

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