Monday, November 24, 2008

American Consumer Opinion - Earn Extra Cash

As you have been noticing over the last few weeks, I have been receiving some of my Survey Income.

Surveys, I have mentioned before, are a great way to make a bit of extra money. Feel free to click here to read my webpage on Survey Sites and see lists of all the sites I recommend. You can sign up for any and all of them there.

Meanwhile, I wanted to focus on Amercian Consumer Opinion in this post. I received a $10 check from them over the weekend, and I was thrilled, mainly because it does NOT take forever to receive your paychecks with this company.

Unlike other survey sites, they pay you WHEN you finish a survey. My average check has normally been $4 per survey. So, I do not need to keep accumulating points in order to cash out. It is a very nice benefit.

Just like other survey sites, they will send you emails when they have surveys available for you. You then do a prequalifying "short" survey of just a couple of questions. If you are a fit for their survey, you will be forwarded to the survey and earn your money upon completion.

Remember, I do recommend you set a separate free email account up for survey sites. I set mine up with Yahoo and always use emails that are easy to remember. So, for these, I created surveysforcarrie at yahoo dot com.

Interested in signing up for American Consumer Opinion? Click here.

YTD earnings for this method ( Surveys ) is $110

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Brenda said...

Thank you Carrie. I signed up.