Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Local Readers - $5 LaRosa's Credit

For all my local Southern Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana readers, I am sure you are aware of LaRosa's Pizzeria. Yum!

It is quite often one of our weekend stops, thanks to our Buddy Card. Not sure what that is? Well, it is a great coupon card you buy for $10 from a local charity. I usually support the kids from one of our local schools.

With the Buddy Card, everytime you buy a Large Pizza...any Large get a free Large Cheese Pizza ( you can pay a topping charge if you want to add any ). By the 2nd visit, you have made your $10 back and you have enough of the stickers to last you throughout the year. Click here to read all the details.

For us, this is a great deal because we pay for one pizza but get two. Which means, we usually have almost a whole pizza left that we can then eat for dinner the next night, too AND we helped a local organization by buying the coupon card. ( We all know how I love supporting charities ).

Anyway, I was SO excited to see today that you can get a $5 credit to your Online Account if you register here.

Now, it is an even better deal. In fact we already used our credit and it we got two large pizzas ( a Buddy Topper/words and a Pepporoni ) for $13. Great deal for two nights worth of meals!

Want to just get something for next to nothing? You can order 2 Liters of Pop, side items, salads, soups, kids meals, calzones. Order and use your $5 credit!

Also, it does say LaRosa's Dayton, but went I signed up from Cincinnati with my cell phone number it didn't give me any problems. And, the credit worked fine!

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