Thursday, November 13, 2008

$5 Off $30 CVS - Veterans Day Coupon

Make sure to check your emails from earlier in the week. I had a $5 off $30 CVS Coupon for Veterans Day, that is good thru this weekend.

I ran up today to get some fun freebies. And, I had been watching the $14.99 telescope they have there for my son for Christmas. He LOVES space, science, etc, and every year he asks for a telescope.

Since everything else I bought was free after coupons/extra cash back, I ended up getting the telescope for $10 ( after the $5 off coupon ).

In fact, I actually paid nothing for it, because I used a CVS Gift Card I got from transferring a my monthly prescription and using the $25 Walgreen Prescription Coupon ( yes, my CVS matches competitor coupons ).

If you haven't signed up for CVS email alerts yet, click here. You want to make sure you get access to great savings coupons like these, too.

And, CVS is another great drugstore to shop. Just like Walgreens mentioned below, I get many, many items free or almost free by shopping the Extra Care Bucks specials at CVS. Click here for my original post on the benefits of CVS.


April said...

I've been looking at that telescope for my daughter. I can't decide.

Carrie @ said...

I know what you mean. I actually took a look at this telescope last year for my son when it was $14.99 but didn't get it.

This week when I got the coupon and I knew I had all that extra money on my CVS Gift Card ( a $25 Gift Card can last me forever at CVS, since I shop the Extra Care Bucks promotions usually ), I figured...for nothing out of pocket, really, why not? Cheap gift.

My son is only 6,so I think this telescope is plenty for him.