Thursday, November 13, 2008

60% Off plus Free $10 Gift Certificate

Harvest Seasonl Promo 2008

I will continue to update you as new promotions hit thru the Holidays. I will keep the latest code updated on the Holiday button, BUT I will post on my main page like this if it is a deal I think everyone needs to know about.

Thus, I am posting today, because this coupon code expires TODAY...November 13th. Seriously, this is only for my late night it is nearing the end of the day on the East I guess you have a few more hours if you live elsewhere.

Use code HARVEST and get 60% Off your $25 Gift Certificate. That makes it $4, since they sell normally for $10. Click here to access their site and purchase.

But, here is the part of the deal that is GREAT. When you use that coupon code, you also get a $10 Gift Certificate free as a bonus.

Please read my original post on and how the program works, if you haven't aren't familiar with them. Click here.

Finally, if you would like an additional percentage back, consider shopping thru Mr. Rebates.
If you log in and click to thru their site, you will earn another 20% back. That means it will be $3.20 plus a free $10 Gift Certificate.

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