Friday, October 17, 2008

Linens N Things Closing Stores!

I had heard the rumor for awhile, but it looks like the word around the world is that Linens N Things is going out of business! Sad!

Why am I letting all of you know?

First, make sure you don't have any gift cards left. If you do....get to the store NOW to use them. I have heard some stores are still honoring them and some aren't. You don't want to lose money!

Also, all sales are final, per their site! This is the statement that finally prompted me to post and make sure readers were cashing in any gift cards.

Finally, stores are beginning to mark merchandise down. If you are running by a LNT, you may want to run in every so often to see what great bargains you can get your hands on. I am sure the prices will continue to go down as time rolls on.

The rumor I heard...all stores are to be closed within 2 months. So, I guess we will see.


BeThisWay said...

I've read that the company handling the liquidation actually raises prices before offering their %off. So please be careful that you are getting a good deal - methinks the best deals won't be until the last few days before closing!

Carrie @ said...

That is actually probably I remember shopping at other liquidation sales and thinking the prices didn't look that great.

I usually only hit ANY sale once it gets to 75% off or lower...and then...even if the prices were should be getting a decent price.

We had some grocery stores going out of business a few years back near here, and my mom was able to hit their cards towards the end, and got tons of nice cards ( all different occasions ) for pennies on the dollar. Luckily, she shared some with me....yeah!

But, thanks for clarifying this point....EVERYONE make sure you know your prices before going in, and you sould be good to go.

Nancy said...

I went because I had a 25.00 gift card that I did not want to lose and the prices and discounts were Blah! I will keep an eye on our store and check it out when it gets to 75% like Carrie says - the deals are not there - the lady in front of me - horrors - rang up $454.00 in items (used one cart) and used a CREDIT CARD!!! I about fell over - there were no knock yoru socks off sales - Also, they are not accepting coupons.
Thanks for the tip - I was holding mine until after Christmas!