Thursday, October 2, 2008

Super Doubles at KMart!

Update: Well, here is my loot! A lot of the items that I could have gotten for free were already picked over, bummer, BUT I still got $40 worth of products for free.

My total ( after the $5 Kmart Gift Card rebate for buying $10 worth of Kotex ) is $1.49!!! In fact, my tax was $2.23, so the $5 Kmart gift card actually covers some of the cost of the tax...woo, hoo!

Basically, I got all these items for free and the only money I paid was to the good ol' government!

Loreal Vive Shampoo or Cond is $3.99 each. Use $2.00 Off coupon which double to $3.99 that you got if you requested the Loreal Vive Free Samples a few months back. They came with these coupons. Final price FREE.

Pert Shampoo/Cond is $2.99. Use the $1.50 off coupon from the paper. Doubles to $2.99. Final price is FREE.

Cascade Dish Detergent ( in the box ) is $3.49. Use the $2.00 off any cascade product coupon. Mine was mailed to me with all my P&G coupons we requested a while ago. Doubles to $3.49. Final Price is FREE.

Cascade Rinse Agent is $3.89. Use the Free Coupon from the P&G coupons mailed to us that we requested. I could never find this at my grocery, so I was thrilled to find it at KMart. Final price is FREE.

Greased Ligtening Cleaner is $2.99. Use the $1.50 off coupons from paper. Doubles to $2.99. Final price is FREE.

Healthy Choice Soup is $2.49. Use the $1.50 off any Healthy Choice Soup coupon that came in the mail from Kroger ( if you got it ). Doubles to $2.49. Final price is FREE.

Buy 3 Kotex Products at $3.49 each. Use 3 $1.00 Off any Kotex product coupons from papers. Doubles to $6.00 off. Brings your total to $4.47. Rebate form is hanging by products for $5 Kmart gift card when you buy $10 worth of Kotex ( which I did, before coupons ). So, final price will be a profit of $.53. I don't even have to pay for a stamp, thanks to all my free postage I get from Click here to read how I do this.

Finally, a big thanks again to Holly for letting me know about this. And, to Just Us Seven, for her list of goodies. Click here to see what she got!

Original post:

Super Doubles at KMart? Really? They are doubling up to $2, which means you get $4 off! can get a great $5 off $50 Kmart coupon that you can stack. Just click here to register for their newsletter and they will email you the coupon!

Wow...this is one way for them to get me into their stores ( which I haven't visited in quite a while ).

First, big thanks to Holly for sharing this great find as well as the loot she got!! She took the time to email me today on the great deals she found so as to make my life a bit easier when I hit the store tomorrow. I so appreciate it!

Here is what she got:

priced at $3.29--used $2Q (doubled)=FREE

Gillette Shampoo
On sale 2/$8---so $4 ea.--used Q for $2 (doubled)=FREE

Easy Mac
Was priced at $1 ea--used Q for $1/2 so I bought in sets of 2 so when Q doubles=free

Betty Crocker Brownie MIX
On sale 2/$3--used Q for $1/2 so I bought in sets of 2 so when doubles=.50 each

Scott (Double rolls) 12pk toilet paper
On sale 2/$10--so $5 ea.--used $1Q (doubled)=$3 each

Scott Papertowels-8 pack
on sale 2/$10--so $5 ea.--used $1Q(doubled)=$3 each

Juicy Juice--8pks
On sale 5/$10-so $2 ea--used $1/2 Q for sets of 2=$1 each

Hershey's, Nestle, Mars Fun-size Candy
On sale 2/$4 so $2 ea
Used $1/2 Q for Snickers, Milky Ways, 3 Musketeers bags and priced out=$1 ea

Used $1/3 Q for Hershey's, Reese's, Kit Kats bags and priced out=$1.33 ea.

Claratin 10ct--bought 2
priced at $10.99 ea--used $2Q (doubled)=$6.99 plus got a $4 off catalina --also had a free Coopertone Kids Sunblock stick attached...This is still pricey, but if you have a child with allergies, it is a bargain.

Dove Shampoo
priced at $4.29ea---used $1.50Q (doubled)=$1.29 ea.

Women's Schick Quatro-3 pk
priced at $5.49 ea.--used $2Q (doubled)=$1.49 ea.

One final note, it is just participating Kmarts. So, click here to get your Kmarts phone number then give them a call before you head out.

Holly did say that items were going fast, so I am not sure how I will do tomorrow, but I will let you know if I walk out with any steals!


justusseven said...

MoneySavingMom called her local KMart and when they said they weren't participating, she called corporate. Corporate said ALL STORES are participating!!!

Since it worked for her, I tried it too. My local KMart was not on the list, and corporate told me ALL stores are participating so I informed my store that they should call corporate to find out how to key it in manually. AND THEY DID IT FOR ME! Whoot! I got $120 for $2 plus tax:

Paula said...

My store was not on the list so I traveled to my friends an hour away to have lunch with her and hit the Kmart. Total purchases were over $93 and I paid $17 out with almost half being tax. If anyone is interested they can see what I got on my blog. It was fun. Mostly because I got to shop with my friend and I got some good deals which we can use and I got some good free deals that I can put in my donation box as well. We didn't have to worry about the pick over because it appeared that her kmart didn't get over fun with couponers.