Saturday, October 25, 2008

And...The Money Starts Rolling In!

As you all know, I have been helping many, many readers on their $500 Gas Card offer ( and also on some $1,000 offers, too ). Click here if you want to give it a try yourself.

Many and most of you signed up after I got my last $500 gas cards in the mail and I am sure most of you also know from my many posts that I make most of my money from these online offers. As I state over and over, I am closing in on $20,000 in profit on these, and expect my 2008 numbers to be around $5,000....if everything arrives before the close of the year.

Why do I talk about these over and over and throw those numbers around? Because it is easy PROFIT for you! And, it is the part of my blog I am most excited about, because I feel it helps families the most financially. And, I hope to motivate all of you into taking advantage of this great money maker.

I have a detailed web page devoted to this topic here. Or, you can always find it by clicking the Online Offers button in the upper left hand side of my site.

Not sure what offer to do?

I have legit offers in the side bars on this webpage and they are broken out by company. ALWAYS read my General Instructions first, then the General Questions and Answers. From there, decide which company you want to do by reading the Instructions for each ( I-Deal, Netblue or Nuitech ) and the Questions and Answers for those companies. The buttons for the Instructions and Q&A can be found at the very bottom of the webpage.

And, before starting...if you need guidance, feel free to ask your questions in the Q&A section and I will get back to you ASAP. If you need one on one help, you can email me or call me ( my number is listed under the Contact button at the top of this page ). I am ALWAYS here to help EVERYONE who wants it! If you contact me and don't hear back from me within a couple days, PLEASE contact me again. I get so many emails a day, that sometimes some do fall thru the cracks or go to SPAM. My goal is to help one and all.

My recommendation for those just starting out? Go with I-Deal. It is the least amount out of pocket and the quickest turnaround time. This $500 Gas Card is an I-Deal site.

NOW...why the post today? Because....

Readers Begin Receiving their $500!

Because, I heard from two of my readers that they got their $500 Gift Cards! Tammy and Andrea both took great pictures of themselves with their winnings. Check out the Bragger post here. And, don't forget to read the comments of others who have also gotten their gifts as well. I can't wait to add you to the list!

Also, make sure to stop by Andrea's site, Mommy Snacks, as she talks about her experience. Click here. I think if you are a long time reader of my site, you know Andrea is just one of my all time favorite bloggers out there!

Want to Say Thank You?

Finally, I wanted to do this post because I have been churning this idea in my head around for awhile.

To start, I have to explain that I truly believe God has blessed me this year with this blog/site. When I began writing, I had hoped to help a few families out there. But, I have been so blessed to meet so many people and gotten so many emails telling me thank you.

It has made me feel WONDERFUL to know others can benefit and help themselves financially. In what is occurring in the US and World right now, finances are something a lot of families are struggling with, and it can be frustrating. So, if I have a few new ideas that may help them out..I am thrilled!

But on top of that, God has blessed my family with the financial help this blog provides to my family as well thru the advertisers on my site and my affiliate programs.

And, when I feel blessed...I just feel the need to help even MORE people, so I want to provide by site as a method for those of you readers who have any desire ( this is NOT to make anyone feel pressured..this is simply for those who do feel the call to give ) as a place to donate.

With that said, I am going to be putting a button my my Online Offers page, and actually, most of the other web pages, that will lead to a website thru the American Cancer Society for Money Saving Methods. Click here to access, if you want to take a peek.

If I have helped you in anyway earn some money and you feel the desire, please click the donate button and whatever you can give is appreciated. $1, $5? Anything helps. It doesn't matter how small.

And, my hope is that if readers are receiving $ thanks to my sites assistance, they may be willing to say thanks by helping Cancer Research. I felt like this was a good cause, because, unfortunately, cancer is such a widespread disease that has touched probably many of our lives! Either we know someone we are close to or an acquaintance who has struggled thru this illness.

To finish, I apologize this post was so long, but I am very excited my readers are getting their money and I am also excited to help the Cancer Society. And, I just had to share the news with everyone!


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

Thanks to the inspiration of your site and methods, I have saved $520 THIS WEEK. This week!! I don't even know what to say about it, I'm still shocked. This is what we got:

$75 taken off our last oil delivery bill and a free service contract for the furnace/hot water heater ($170 value), for 15 minutes of my time calling around to see if ther was a lower price. there was, so they gave us the discount and service contract to keep us as customers!

$200 thank you from empire carpets (we had carpet installed recently in all the bedrooms) for referring other customers; i had to call and verify that the referrals did indeed get in home estimates. i don't know if this is an actual deal they have going or something random

$75 home depot gift card through a drug company rep. at work (not totally relevant, but i had a lot more nerve to ask what kind of deal he could give me!)

next i'm taking a good long look at the cable/internet bill to see if that could do any better :)

you are AMAZING. thanks for all your work. i'm still freaked out to try the gas card things, but getting braver by the minute!

Carrie @ said...

I am SOO excited for you!

It is amazing, isn't it, on all the little ways you can make money every day.

Thanks for letting me know...these types of comments just make my day!