Wednesday, October 8, 2008

$20 Free Check thanks to Allstate Quote

Junk mail is your friend!

Have I said this enough times yet? If not, recite it every day.

Thru the year, I make a decent amount of money, get freebies for entertainment, etc, just for reading thru the junk mail daily.

Well, today I got an invite to a $20 Challenge from Allstate.

$20, they say? I say, "OK".

First, I had to call 1-888-654-5052 and have my current declaration page handy from my current insurance provider.

Then, I had to answer about 10 questions ( be prepared to have your Drivers License # and anyone else who would be on the policy handy ).

Next, they gave me my 6 month quote. It took all of about 5 minutes.

Were they cheaper? Nope. In fact, they quoted me $705 every 6 months while I currently pay $398 every 6 months. Wow...what a difference. Unbelievable! AND, they claim that they can save other $353 a year due to their rates? Not me. But, you never know, they might quote you lower thus saving you money! That would actually be better than getting the $20!

What do I do now? Well, I send a copy of my current declaration page as well as the quote number they game me to Allstate, and they will mail me a $20 check. This must be done within 30 days of my quote and this offer expires on November 30th, 2008. Simple!

Where do I mail?

Allstate $20 Challenge, 321 West Lake Street, Suite F, Elmhurst, IL 60126.

This offer is not valid in CT, GA, ME, NY, NC and UT.

Call 630-782-9700 ext 120 if you don't get your check within 8 weeks.

Turn 21 today!

Want to know more about my current auto insurance provider and their rates?

You can click here to read my original post on 21st Century, and how it saved us TONS of money a year.

Ironically, AIG Direct bought them out recently, so in fact, I guess my insurance is thru them. But, all appears to still be fine on my end with my car insurance. I guess the bailout for AIG is helping me out in a round about way after all!! Who would have thought!

Click here if you want to get a quote from 21st Century, too, and see if you can save.

AND, if you are interested in taking the $20 Challenge, call 1-888-654-5052.

I am NOT sure this is open to everyone or if you have to actually get the invite. I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere on the letter. So, just call and see what happens. If not open to everyone, keep reading that junk may just get his same offer!

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Steph said...

I just tried this. You need to have an invitation. She said I may still get an invitation. And I could use this quote with it. I didn't think they could go cheaper then what we have but they are cheaper. It may just be because my husband and I still have our policies with seperate companies and she quoted them together. Still I found a way to save money. Thanks.