Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Survey Site & Bonus Points


Because I just requested another $10 to be mailed to me from one of the survey sites I visit, I thought it was time to update my blog and add a webpage for Survey Sites, just like I did for Online Offers.

So, if you go to the upper left hand side of my blog, you will now see there is a button to take you directly to a Survey Webpage. In fact, click here to take a look around. I appreciate all feedback as I begin implementing these new webpages on my saving and earning methods.

I set it up very similar to the Online Offers, in that there is a brief introduction to the world of Surveys and Research Studies. Then, under that, you will see buttons to take you to Survey Instructions and also a Comments & Question post.

Finally, in the left side bar you will see MANY survey companies that I have found to be upstanding and legit sites. But, don't forget to read my Survey Post, because the list of all the survey sites I recommend is a bit longer than what is displayed in the sidebar.

AND...don't fret about the Research Studies portion not being done yet...I plan to finish that piece sometime this week, and will let you know when it is done.

Meanwhile, I wanted to take a brief moment to post about a new Survey Site and also a site that is offering 50 Bonus Points when you sign up right now.

So, first, ZoomPanel, featured above, is offering 50 Bonus Points when you register to take Surveys thru their company. How much is 50 Points worth? Well, it is difficult to tell exactly, since you redeem your points for merchandise on their site, but don't get too excited! You do need 1,000 points before you can redeem. So, I say...take every 50 points you can get.

In fact, when I had my husband register today, they immediately asked him an additional 5 questions which he earned another 10 points for. So, it took about 4 minutes to earn 60 points. Not bad!

Click here to register.
OH, and before you get excited about the Free Blue Tooth ad they show...the only thing I could figure out they meant by that was that you will get a Free Blue Tooth once you earn enough points. Unless I am wrong, I didn't see anywhere that we would get that gift now.

The other new Survey Site I wanted to feature is called the African American Voice. It is powered by the same company as Global Test Market and uses Market Points, etc just like they do. I have been a member of Global Test Market for years and just love their survey program. So, I have faith that the African American Voice is another wonderful survey program.

Click here to enroll for free and begin earning!

And, if you haven't jumped on the survey bandwagon yet, it is definitely a nice and easy way to make a little extra. Click here to go the new webpage and begin!


Kim said...

I signed up for "paid Survey" evert time I go there they want you to purchase something. So I have done nothing. Very disappointed in them. Do you have to purchase things when you do these surveys. I would love to make some extra money doing surveys but do not want to pay to do them. If you could help with some it would be appreciated. Kim

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


NO, NO...don't pay to get a list f survey sites. Absolutely not!

Go to my new survey button in the upper left hand corner of my blog.

Read that original article, then also click on the link under it for Survey Instructions.

It will explain why to avoid those sites.

Also, all those sites I have listed on that site are ACTUAL survey sites.

These are the sites you will get when you "pay" Paid Survey. They will send you a list of these very sites.

Don't pay. You can get the same list of legit survey sites for free!! I will continously add new "valid" survey sites as I find them, test them and verify they are legit!

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

Oh...and I got a $10 check in the mail today from one of my sites.

So, the money is very easy to earn!