Monday, September 22, 2008

$300 Test Drive Offer - California Only

I am so bummed...I want this Test Drive Offer in Ohio! Oh, well.

Thanks to Laura for emailing this deal.

Click here to go to the webpage for San Leandro Hyundai.

For every Test Drive with a valid California Drivers License, you will get a $300 Gas Certificate. What a deal!

I will tell you, from past history with these types of Test Drives ( from the Dealership vs. the Manufacturer ), it is usually a voucher with a unique code on it.

You then must visit a website, enter your code and get rebate forms. Later, over the coming months, you turn in the rebate forms with your gas receipts.

I cannot guarantee that is how this will work, since I am not a California resident, but I am taking a guess it is similar to others across the U.S.

AND...I tell you this not to deter you, because I love these rebate programs. You get lots of free money through them!

One final note: when I look at the page, the top says 2005 and 2006 cars. So, I actually went to the homepage for this dealership on my own, to make sure this wasn't an old ad. And, this is posted under their special deals.

So, I have a feeling someone just typed the date in wrong. BUT...before heading out, you may want to call first to verify!

Happy Driving!

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