Friday, September 5, 2008

I got $63 from Wellness 360 Today

Yes, I have posted about Wellness 360 before and told you, yes, you can make money from doing searches on Health topics, bonus offers, etc.

But, I am happy to say...I finally got my first check!! And, it was for $63+ dollars! Wow!

First, click here to to register and set up your own account.

Then, how do you make money?

Well, it is not quick. I will admit that. That $63 was for 3 months. was well worth the bit of time it took over the 3 months.

First, whenever I need to do a search on health issues, I log into Wellness 360. Do I think one of my kids has strep throat? A rash? Ear infection? If so, I log into their site first and do a search on the topic and read their articles. Why not get paid to read on the topic I need information on!

Second, I read the daily emails they send me. They are just quick little emails with daily topics. I can then choose one of the topics by clicking on it and reading the article. And, if I read all of the articles, I earn points ( which you then convert to money ) for each one I read.

What do the daily articles look like? Here is an example from today:

  • FDA Demands Tougher Warnings on Immunosuppressive Drugs. Officials want stronger labeling about fungal infection risk

  • 2 Million Cancer Cases Tied to Tobacco Use. The U.S. review covered the period from 1999 to 2004

  • Most U.S. Kids Getting Recommended Vaccinations

  • And many more
Third, I log in on DOUBLE points dates ( you will get emails periodically on this ) and go through and update information such as Doctor Info, phone numbers, my profile ( weight/exercise, etc ), medicines I am taking, etc, etc and earn double the money for keeping my info up to date.

Fourth, I quickly check the Bonus Points category every time I log in to read my daily emails. It hasn't changed in quite a while, but I still check to see if they have a new Bonus activity.

Fifth, I refer friends. When you tell your friends about Wellness 360 and register with your welcome email, you will get a percentage of all the points they make. It is just a nice extra bonus.

Don't forget, they only pay once a quarter, and your balance must be over $25 to redeem. Also, they only have the "available to redeem" button active for the first 15 days of the new quarter.

Interested in making a little bit extra, while keeping up to date on Health Issues as well as keeping yourself "healthier" by tracking your own family details, click here.

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Julie said...

That's an interesting site -- thanks. But when I log in, I can't seem to find a "search" button on the site. For as many paranoid health searches as I do on the internet, I might as well get paid for them! Could you point me in the right direction?

Carrie @ said...


Very good question.

Log in and go to the Resources Tab across the top.

Under Resources, go to News.

Under News, you will see to Search boxes on the upper left hand side.

I usually prefer the Global Search, but I do a search on both if I want more information on the topic I am researching.

Hope that helps.