Thursday, September 18, 2008

$500 Free Gas Cards Arrived!

Well, after a whirlwind week, I was so excited to finally share with you that my $500 Gas Cards arrived in the mail over the weekend! This is me holding (2) $250 Exxon/Mobil cards.

It was so fast. If you remember my original post, I signed up for these cards just about 2 months ago, on July 9th. So, it was a VERY quick process for $500! I was thrilled!

Click here if you would like to take part in this same offer for $500!

In seeing that this was the 2nd $500 I got within the last month ( $1,000 total ), and I am now officially over the $15,000 mark, I wanted to update my site to me more user friendly for those of you deciding to join me in my ventures with online offers.

So, I am excited to unveil a new webpage on my site officially dedicated to online offers.

You can click here to take a look around. Or, you can click on the button in the upper left hand side to take you to the online offer site at ANY time.

While there, you will notice on the left hand side bar are ALL the I-Deal offers I currently know of, so you have them all available. On the right hand side are all the Netblue and Nuitech sites I know of currently. I currently have 54 offers for your to pick from out there, so there is something for everyone. From low dollar $50 and $100 offers all the way up to $1,000 offers.

Feel free to scroll through and click on the offer you are interested in.

In the middle column, you will see my full write up on how to make money doing online offers. This is a detailed post on general rules to making money with offers.

Under that, you will see a Blogger Bragger post. This has the pictures of the $1,000 & $500 checks I got this year, plus the pic above of my gift cards. This is where I would love to post your pictures and comments, too, as you get new gifts. PLEASE email me your pictures, and type your comments in that section. I would really love to know my posts are helping others out there. It would simply make my day to have you leave a comment when you get your $$/gift!

Below that, you will find buttons to go to Instructions for I-Deal sites, Netblue Sites and Nuitech Sites. And, immediately following, there are buttons for Questions, Answers & Comments for I-Deal, Netblue, Nuitech and General.

SOOOO, instead of emailing me your questions and having to answer personally, please click there and leave a comment with your questions. Until I get a Forum up, this is the easiest way for me to answer you, but also allow other readers the opportunity to benefit from your questions and answers. PLUS, if you see a question that you can answer from your own experience...jump in and answer it, by all means!

I hope all this makes it alot easier for all of you. I do enjoy emailing each of you, but I am hoping this will give you more options on offers I know are with legit companies, as well as help answer more of your questions from the get go.

And, for all of you have emailed me questions on online offers in the last week or so...and I haven't gotten back to you yet, feel free to post your question using the links above and I will respond. Otherwise, I am working my way thru emails...but it could take awhile.

Enjoy all the free money offers!


OnlyOnSale said...

terrific! i'm going to start doing these on a regular basis so this isj ust great!

Carrie @ said...

I am really hoping this new web page will really help readers learn more about online offers and answer more of their questions.

Plus, it gives so many more options for gifts then when I just email which one I am doing next.

This way, my readers can choose the gift they want and know that it is a company they will get their gift from!

Andrea said...

Sweet! I can't wait to get mine too! I'll definitely post some pics and email ya when I get this one!

Phil said...

This is great! Keep up with the money saving tips, think we all need it in the current market haha

I'm looking to start a similar site to yours at check it out

Anonymous said...

Great idea Carrie! I had finally decided I was going to do one of these offers and this new site should be a super great help! I am glad to hear you are OK. I was really worried about you and your family with no posts for so long I knew something must have happened with the hurricanes. Glad all is OK. Kim

tammy said...

I did the $500 gas card offer. I completed the silver/gold/platinum offers, mailed in my certificate. I just checked my status--which I have been doing constantly since I sent in my certificate...and today it was processed!!! 3 weeks from the day I mailed it in! I can't wait until I get the gas cards/check in the mail.
Thank you for all your help!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for all your tips! I got my first $500 in gas gift cards a few weeks ago! I'm now starting on a new offer. It wasn't hard at all with your directions to follow! Thanks again for saving my family some extra money!

Christi said...

I received my $500 gas cards last Tuesday, and just completed my online offers for a $500 Visa gift card. Now, it's just a matter of checking my gift status EVERY DAY! Thanks Carrie!