Tuesday, September 9, 2008

$1,000 VISA Gift Card - Superb Rewards

I have gotten so many emails from everyone wanting to know what online offer to do next and what I am doing next, too?

So, without further delays, here it is.

Superb Rewards is offering a $1,000 gift card for 10 offers! Click here to sign up.

Are you a new reader and unsure what I am talking about in regards to online offers? Click here to read my original post and insider tips on successfully completing these programs. This has been my largest money maker so far, as I have made just shy of $15,000 in my pocket so far.

You can also read this post about the $500 I received last month, and get details if you are still interested in that program.

Now...back to the show....

Superb Rewards is a Nuitech site, which means they are slightly different than some of the other sites you may have done in the past.

First, you MUST remain a member on 8 of the offers past 60 days to get credit for your offers!! This means, no cancelling offers during their trail period and shipping them back, etc!!

NOW.....before you get worried that this is going to cost a lot, first, you need to take a few things into consideration.

The payout is MUCH higher than the $500 offers. I spent approx. $80 for my last $500 offer, so I would expect I should at least be spending $160 this time around....if I was able to cancel my offers.

But, even with keeping the offers for the full 60 days, I am still expecting my cost to remain very close to this. How? I am choosing my offers carefully.

As you heard me mention before, I really like the Columbia House, BMG, Book Club, Disney Movie club memberships. Why? They require you to sign up and then make a number of future purchases to meet your requirements.

What does this also mean? I am a member past 60 days..for no extra cost then I would have had to spend on any site.

Why does this not concern me? A couple of reasons. I have 2 years, usually to meet my requirements. During those 2 years, they run sales. And, many times a year they run Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers...where the one you buy counts towards your requirements.

To you, this means you get half off on the price of your DVDs, Books, CDs, etc. I then do a search on the most popular DVDs, or the New York Times Bestseller List to see what will sell the best. Then, when my items arrive, I resell them on eBay, or if I need gifts..I can keep them for that, too.

In the past, I have ended up ahead or next to zero for these offers.

There are other great offers out there, too. Deal Max, Todays Escapes and all the programs that offer the $25 Gift Card for signing up. You do not get the $25 gift card until after you remain a member past the trial, so that gift card usually covers the cost of the first month. Then, the bonus.....you get 20% off gift cards to buy. Take a look at what they offer. They might have gift cards you can buy that you will be at stores you shop at regularly or will be for the Holidays. The savings on those gift cards will potentially cover the cost of month 2 of the 60 days.

OR...you can call their hotline number periodically through your membership to see if they are running any cancellation specials. These companies will periodically give you a year membership for the price of one month with an automatic cancellation at the end of the year. If you can get this deal, it is GREAT! The free $25 gift card more than covers the cost of the fee and you get access for a year.

Also, with this site, you can get manual credit. This means, keep ALL your receipts, credit card statements.

In addition, you have 180 days to finish this site, from the day you register...so that is basically 6 months. That should be no problem, as long as you sit down and do your offers in one sitting, and mark on your calendar when you need to submit for manual credit.

Finally, don't forget to set up a new email account for this company. Everytime I do an offer site, I set up a new email address just for that one, because you will get ALOT of SPAM, and you do NOT want it interfering with any of your other email accounts. You can set up a free account at Yahoo.

As always, feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

And, for those interested in this offer...here is the exact advertisement to sign up through.

Running Low? How Would You Like FREE* Gasoline for One Year?

What other offers are running that I recommend? Simply click on the picture to register and sign up, too.

I have done the one above & received my money!

This one is for $500, and I have received my money!

This is the one I just completed. I am just waiting for it to ship. It is scheduled to arrive at the end of this month, or early next month.

Finally, this is one I plan to start after Superb Rewards. It is for $500 ( they won't actually send you cereal ) and it is an I-Deal site.


justusseven said...

Thanks Im going to check these out. As you know, I just finished my first online offer THANKS TO ALL YOUR HELP!!! But now I have a question about the next offer I am doing. If I inadvertently complete an offer that I have already done in the past (eg if I sign up for blockbuster & I already signed up and cancelled a few months ago) it wont get approved...But I read on scam.com that in some cases the company uses this as an excuse to DQ you! Do you know anything about this? How many months must I wait to sign up for the same offer? Is it different depending on the company?

Here's another question. I just did an IDeals deal. Would you recommend I wait until i get my check before I do another Ideals? Im concerned that if I do something wrong with the second deal it might affect me getting paid for the first one. I dont know how all this works!

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

I have done Blockbuster over and over...always using a different email address.

BUT..the key is that you cannot do it with the same parent company close together.

For example, if you did an I-Deal site, you cannot do it agian for 6 months.

If you do a Netblue, there is no set time...but if you redo it right away, it probably won't credit and you risk being disqualified.

If you want to redo it, just make sure you are on different parent companies. They cannot disqualify you for that, BUT you do risk Blockbuster deciding not to give you credit.

Also, I usually opt to switch from parent company to parent company. Meaning, I did a Netblue site, I just finished an I-Deal site, and now I am doing a Nuitech site.

You can do more than once...and I have done it before..although rarely.

But, you are right..you have to be MUCH more careful not do an offer twice that has the same parent company ( and sometimes you don't know they are from the same company ) and risk being kicked out of the site.

To me, it is not worth the risk. I prefer to just alernate parent sites even if it costs be a bit more. I would rather be safe than sorry.

Anonymous said...

Please help–I can’t seem to see a spot to email you at. I just started doing the free gift card things, and had the same thing happen to me on two different sites: Yourgiftcards, and giftcardfreebies.com both will not allow me to access my account because they say either the username/password is incorrect. I have emailed them 24 hrs. ago and they have not emailed me my information yet. Do they have customer service phone numbers? I have been searching desperately but can find nothing.

Thank you so much!

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


To email me, just go to the top of my blog and on the left hand side, you will see a big postcard/envelope that says email me.
Click on that, and my email address will pop up. Or, you can go to the top of my blog to the contact button, and it will take you to a page with my contact information.
Both of those sites are Netblue sites, and they do have this delayed sign in problem periodically. I had it when I did everyfreegift.com.
It took almost 2 weeks before I was finally able to log in. I called them about every other day until I finally got access.
I believe their phone number is 866-383-3733, unless they have changed it recently.
The rep you talk to at that number should be able to help you with BOTH sites. Let them know you have 2 sites going.
Email me with further questions or if that number doesn't work and I can try and find another one for you.

OnlyOnSale said...

hey! do you know the deal max website? i'm confused about that one-- it was one of the ones I signed up for. Thanks!

OnlyOnSale said...

i found it! mydealmax.com