Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yes, I know I just did one of these posts earlier today ( well, really...late last night ), but I hit Meijer today. I usually only shop Kroger ( CVS and Walgreens, too ), but I only hit Meijer when there is a large enough sale to make it worth my while and time.

So, thanks to Little Miss Know It All for posting some of these great finds. For the Buy 10 ( products all on sale for $1.00 ), get 11th free, I used the Grocery Game (please use referral )to match up the best deals.

So, here is the scenario:

Buy 5 Irish Springs, Colgate Total, etc get a $5 Coupon off your next order....

  • Buy 5 Travel Size Colgate Total's at $.98 a piece, and get them FREE after the $5 reward
  • Buy 5 Travel Size Irish Spring Soap at $.98 a piece, and get them FREE after the $5 reward

Make sure to ring ONLY 5 items up per transaction to get the reward. If you scan more than 5, you will only get 1 $5 coupon. But, if you buy 5, then in the next order buy 5 more and you can use the $5 you made from the first order to pay for the next...and on....and on ......and on!

The problem? Depending on what Meijer you hit, you may run into a cashier or clerk that will not allow you to use it with the trials. I know this is the case with the P&G deal they are running this week, because there were huge signs posted.

But, mine went thru find this afternoon. So, Leslie? I have some trial size toothpastes for the Ronald McDonald charity for you!!

Her site also mentioned that with the Buy 10 get 11th free promotion, you could go to Meijer's Mealbox site and print out the $.50 off coupon for Spaghetti Sauce or Mushrooms and buy 11 jars and use 11 coupons. Thus, making it 11 jars for $4.50....BUT, if you read the coupon, it says only ONE per transaction.

I am sure the computers will scan thru more than one, but, well, I guess I will leave that to your discretion. I had enough other things off the list I was getting for $.50 or less after coupons, that I only bought 1 jar/and or pack of mushrooms per transaction ( I had 2 transactions ), so I wasn't faced with that dilemma. And, I don't shop at Meijer enough to know the ins and outs of what their policies are? Anyone? Does each store decide how they want to accept the coupons or is it a corporate level decision? Let us know.

Also, Covergirl Foundation and Loreal Vive are both Buy 1 get 1 Free, and you should have Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons from past Sunday Papers. This makes 2 Foundations and 2 Loreal Products Free to you

There were definitely other deals, too, but since I am a member of the Grocery Game, I cannot reproduce her list in any I apologize...I can only tell you deals I found myself, or from another means!

Just last night, I figured you all wondered why I didn't post all the deals I I wanted to make sure I explained the reasoning behind it....

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