Saturday, August 2, 2008

Super Saturday Savings! Garage Sales?

After blogging for this many months now, and sharing money saving "methods", you would have thought I would have written about the benefits of garage sales. And, I guess, it just hasn't occured to me to even visit this topic until now.

As you may have read earlier, I had a garage sale this weekend. The last time I did this? 2003, I believe it was. So, it has been awhile.

And, I have to admit. I am NOT a garage saler. I SOOO wish I was. The deals family and friends find and share with me can be amazing. But, I have this weird fluke about myself. I really struggle with any previously owned or used items. Antiques? No way.

Logically, I know I am contradicting my frugal advice by not taking advantage of garage sales, but want to know how bad it is? Have you heard me mention my "crazy" gag reflexes? Well, it can often times happen when I am confronted with old or used items.

For example, my husbands family have been using their grandfather's Christening gown for EVERYONE in the family. He used it. His 6 kids used it. Those 6 kid's, kids used it. And, that means 17 grandchildren...including my husband. THEN, the great grandchildren were using it. So, this is now up to 15 of them. And, guess who the woman was that broke the family tradition?

Yep, you guessed it. Moi! Ugh!

It was SO hard to have to sit down with my in laws and explain to them, that the thought of putting my newborn infant in a gown that was yellowed with age and worn by so many others make me feel slightly ill. AND, I wanted to enjoy my son's baptism, not be handing him off to my husband because I was distracted by an old gown.

I LOVE the family tradition...and I so wish I didn't have all these weird quirks..but, well, I am who I am. I loved my Grandma dearly, too. We were very close. And, yet, I couldn't take any of her stuff after she was gone. My mom kept family heirlooms, antiques, etc. I told her, why bother? When you are gone someday, it won't be able to be passed on to me?

So, as usual, I am way off topic. I was writing about the benefits of garage sales and went on about myself. And, I do admit..they can be a means to some great finds.

On top of that, they are a great way to make a little extra and get rid of some things you just may not need anymore. I was able to unload baby walkers, bouncers, blankets, towels, home decor items, shelves ( even Shampoos, coffee, etc I have bought and made money on ) and other things and come out ahead $188.

Then, I went thru the rest...pulled out items that I can sell on eBay and Craiglist and took the rest to Goodwill.

Overall, it was a pretty good money making weekend. A great benefit of garage sales!

The downfalls? It is ALOT of time invested for that amount of money. From sitting there for days, to the time setting up and pricing...the time investment was high. One of the reasons I only do it every 5 years, I guess.

The other downfall? There are THIEVES. I am so upset. I had over $40 worth of merchandise stolen right from under my nose. One of the items was a fairly new Razr phone. I could cry! Because if it didn't sell, I was going to turn it thru Cell for Cash, where they pay you money for your phone.

It really is aggravating that people stoop to this low. And, the worst part? These people steal from children.

The one lady I knew had an XBOX out there. It was her sons, and he was trying to sell it to make some extra money. He was even sitting out there with it, all happy. An older lady walked up, asked if he would take a little less and if he would go in the house and check with his mom if that was OK.

As any trusting child does, he went in the house to ask his mom...came back out, and the lady and the XBOX were gone! How rotten!

I don't want to judge others, but in my heart, I have to believe that these people will eventually get what is coming to them. To do that to a child is just unforgivable, I am sorry!

So, my point of this article. Garage sales can be some great ways to save money AND a great way to make money! Remember to take advantage of these if you are able!

And, I am curious. What are some great finds you have purchased at garage sales? Or, how have your own sales gone? Have you ever been stolen from, too? I love hearing garage sale victories and live vicariously through others!


Sonia said...

Thats crazy, maybe when she gets it home it wont work, that will teach her!

Anonymous said...

I love the deals you can sometimes find at garage sales -- and I have no problem with the "pre-owned" stuff, especially for children's clothes. My daughter's coat for this upcoming winter: $4, garage sale. I also picked up four pairs of winter pajamas for her this week for 50 cents apiece -- and a free tiny Etch-a-Sketch that is going in my Operation Christmas Child donation box.

Melissa said...

I hate putting on garage sales because of the time involved. I am completely disgusted that a grown woman would steal from a child. I honestly cannot believe someone is that ugly of a person.

That poor little boy.

I'm sorry about people stealing from you too. That kind of stuff makes me wanted to take my daughter and move to a deserted island! =)

PS - so glad you're back up.