Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm Back....Welcome to my new Site!

I am SO, SO sorry for the delay in getting my site up today and again, for the lack of posts this week! All should be back on track this upcoming week..please stick with me!

But, I was running a garage sale today, too, and I thought I could finish updating it while I sat outside at my sale. But, alas, there was too much traffic coming thru. I guess I shouldn't complain, that is a good thing, and I got rid of some of the larger baby items that I just wanted out of the house.

ANYWAY, the site is finally "almost" done. I will still be adding some finishing touches over the next few weeks, but at least this is a start and you can all access it again.

You will notice, across the top, is the same menu bar. I have added About and Contact for new readers. And, the contact button includes my email and the phone number I can be reached at. So, hopefully that will be helpful to those of you who really need to get a hold of me for assistance.

In the right side bar I added a Getting Started button. Again, this is benefecial to newer readers that haven't been with me since I started my blog this year. But, you might find some helpful information yourself. It is a just a recap of what I do and how I organize myself in regards to making and saving money.

And..yeah! My search bar is up and running. It is in the left side bar. Give it a whirl and let me know if you are able to quickly find a past post! I searched a couple key words and it brought back all the posts I was looking for!

My disclosure is now at the bottom. Just click on the button down there.

I have added pretty little girly touches ( since I like that type of stuff )...dividers between signature at the bottom, etc, etc.

And...beside it being a bit wider...all else should stay relatively the same. If you are having problems viewing it in the new wider version, please let me know. I can tweak the formulas a bit.

What am I still going to add?

The forum and a button to take you there will be COMING SOON!

A button you can place on your blog linking back to me ( if you like my blog, that is ) will be out there next week.

And, all posts will be linked when you click the 2008 Savings & Earnings drop down ( by the end of September is my goal...a few months! )

Is there anything else you are looking for from me? PLEASE send in suggestions and your comments. I will be happy to try and take all suggestions into consideration in regards to bettering this site! Are you looking for something weekly that I may be able to post for you or at least link you to? I am here for let me know what your needs are.....

And...with that..I am off to bed! I am exhausted from finishing this, running my sale and watching 3 kids all day! Whew!

OHHH...and don't fret...the $100 Raffle winner will be announced tomorrow. My kids are already in bed, and they like to pull the name! Stay tuned!


kelly said...

yay! looks good and glad the yard sale went well...

gk said...

hi Carrie

The new site looks great. I have to go through the new features yet but loved the new background and the new post divider. In all it looks great.


Anne said...

Cool site- the light blue is really pretty with the brown. Thanks for all your ideas and work!

Lorelei said...

Oooooooooooooh! I like I like I like!! Great new design!