Saturday, August 9, 2008

Super Saturday Savings! Free Symphony Tickets - Local Readers!

I always feel like I post so many local deals, so I do apologize to those not in the Cincinnati area.

But, I hope it does cause those outside my area to realize that deals can be found in everyday places.

For example, I opened the mail today and there was a flier from the Cincinnati Symphony. Back when I was younger, I would have glanced at it, thinking Junk Mail, and thrown it away.

But, today, I read ALL my junk mail quickly. And, here you go! This is why...

The Cincinnati Symphony is giving away $20 Gift Certificate to anyone who requests a free brochure. What? $20. Yep!

I must be alot more than that.

But, I went to their site and saw that they have this wonderful Family Concert series for families with kids under 10. That is my family. I clicked, and tickets are $12 per adult and $7 per child. Now, if I took my whole family, obviously, it would be a nice discount.

But, I figured, what a great Mommy and Son ( or daughter ) day for me. So, I am going to take my son to the "Bugs" concert in a few months for FREE! How fun is that?

Are you interested in getting $20 free for the Cincinnati Symphony, too? Click here and request your free brochure. It asks for a Source Code, but it is not required. And, don't worry, you don't need to attend the Family Concert Series like me.

And, maybe I will see some of you there!


From Bottle to Box said...

I'm in Dayton (I love your local bargain finds), and I know the 1st trumpet player. If you get a chance yell at him. His name's Dan and he's a riot!

Linda said...

I received my gift certificate today!!! Yippeeee, can you say date night!!!!

Thank you!!!!

Carrie @ said...

Yeah, Linda.

It came quick..didn't it?

Have fun!